Monday, May 21, 2012

So At Least They've Got the Character Design Figured Out

The challenge to produce a half-decent Haganai figure continues, and Alphamax has launched another salvo into the fray with a 1/7 version of the founder of the Neighbors' Club, Yozora Mikaduki, in what has to be called a spitting-image recreation of her pose on volume 7 of the light novel series.

Thanks to Hobby Search for the image.
Thank you to for this image

To be released in November, I consider this piece firmly as the class of the field when it comes to recreating Buriki's Haganai character designs--the skin tone seems a little dark, her blush a little more full, the mouth just slightly different, but by no means are these egregious faults. Generally Yozora's expression seems a bit more embarrassed in the figure than in the illo, but all things considered this is as decent a job done as we've seen with the sexy six.  I do not personally care for the pose, and I do not believe that the piece would look great on the shelf, but credit to Alphamax for getting close.  I'm still holding out, hoping they take a try at Kobato.

From Hobby Search.

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