Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Moeyo's Best of Bust 2012

With the end of each calendar year, we denizens of the intertubes can expect our favorite websites to crank out annual "Best of 2012" lists--otaku interest site Moeyo submits perhaps the most useful of these lists annually by examining and recapping the most essential features of anime figures, starting off this year with their Best of Bust rankings for 2012. 

1)  Sasara Kusugawa from ToHeart2 Dungeon Travelers 1/6 by Daiki Kougyo

2)  Kanu Unchou 1/7 scale Swim Wear version from Ikki Tousen by Griffon Enterprises

3)  Tamaki Kousaka Vacation version 1/6 scale To Heart 2 by Griffon Enterprises

4)  Misa-nee 1/7 scale by Native

5)  Queen's Gate Kanu by Hobby Japan

6)  Unico Wingedhorse from Pandra by Daiki Kougyo

7)  Hotori Yoshii by Native

8)  Nami H.O.O.K. Bust Collection from One Piece

9)  Mai Ichijo 1/7 scale from Mai Favorite by Orchid Seed

10)  Tamaki Kousaka 1/5 scale from To Heart 2 by Orca Toys

A bit of a surprise winner at the top of the fixture this year; Moeyo itself calls Sasara's assets "not too large, not too small," showing some love for a figure that actually finds itself within the realm of human physiological possibility.  My vote stays with that stunning Yuniko Wingedhorse figure, personally, with the DFC of Oyari Ashito's Princess Mordina a close second (note: Mordina was released in Japan in 2011, but made her way to the States in 2012, and it's my blog so deal with it), and SkyTube's delectable Ai Saeki a solid third. 

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