Sunday, February 10, 2013

Abgrund's Sibling Sensation Tops Charts

February Most Kind to (Former) Otokonoko Ace

Trap fans mourned the loss of the talents Yusa Saikawa brought to the genre, brought on primarily by threats and hate mail from abroad, but the artist's transition to heterosexual content has not translated to failure by any means.  Saikawa debuted not one but two new doujinshi at COMITIA103 last weekend, both continuing the salacious sibling story started back in November 2012 at COMITIA102 and continued at Comiket 83.  In addition to the previously revealed Imouto Complete, shown at right, the circle also sold Oyacodon, named after the ubiquitous "parent-and-child" Japanese chicken-and-egg rice dish:

The books have both been very successful, with Oyacodon taking the number 1 slot and Imouto Complete the number 2 slot on Melonbooks' doujinshi sales banzuke for the week of 1/31-2/6.  The re-release of the book that started this original series, Onii-chan Controller from COMITIA102, also made the banzuke at the number 7 slot. 

No indication yet from Saikawa's site regarding continuation of this story--the circle's next convention appearance will be at COMIC1☆7 on April 28

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