Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ishikei's First Tankoubon Released--TiTiKEi. No, seriously.

Subtlety, nuance need not apply

Gonzo God Ishikei, of perennial best-selling ero doujin circle Nise MIDI Doronokai, has been featured as the centerpiece artist acquisition of Wani Magazine's newish hentai comic anthology, Comic X-Eros.  Now on its eighth issue, the magazine has offered Ishikei's fans a steady stream of new content beyond his bi-annual Comiket releases.  As featured in Akiba Blog recently, Ishikei fans looking to separate their wheat from the chaff have a new tankoubon at their disposal, Ishikei's first, suavely titled TiTiKEi.  The B5-sized book looks to be 250 pages, comprised of 24 chapters including Ishikei's Comic X-Eros works plus some older materials.  Figure collectors may recognize the blonde debutante on the cover as Chie, rendered in 3D by none other than master ero figure producers Native back in late 2010.  There are two variant cover art options available to consumers, and it appears there will be a significant number of omake items included with the book depending on where one buys it from. 

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