Monday, December 23, 2013

Comic Market 85: Tony Taka / T2 Art Works / Kantai Collection

Kanmuse can't be ignored, corner Tony into a parody at C85

Finally, a franchise that Tony Taka couldn't ignore!  For the first time since August 2011's Comic Market 80, T2 Art Works will offer for sale an erotic parody doujinshi, as Kantai Collection's Kongou-class sister-battleships Haruna and Kirishima find themselves entwined on the cover of the circle's offering for Comiket 85.  Tony has confirmed that this, like his last two books, will be an A4-sized release totaling 36 pages, 24 of which will be full-color.  The preview page suggests that the heavy cruiser Atago will feature heavily in the erotic content of the book.

The past several Comic Markets have gone by with Tony either focusing on original artworks or mining his own characters for content; the last parody doujin he produced was August 2011's Chitchakunaiyo'!!, starring Popura Taneshima of Working!!  It remains to be seen if it's just the Kongou sisters or if other kanmuse will get involved in the festivities, but one way or another, it's a return to what made Tony Taka the S-Class artist he is today.

Update 1, 9:53 pm 12/26/13:  Tony has revealed his circle's slate of goods to be offered at C85, and it's a big bet on Kantai Collection's floating menagerie as expected.  A blown-up and rotated version of the ero parody's cover, featuring Kirishima and Haruna in repose, is converted into a calendar.  Tony's C85 shikishi features Shimakaze, perhaps the game's first iconic character, making a bit of a personal adjustment, while Nagato is caught in a bit of a more heated moment.  Kongou is featured on the circle's goods bag, sharing that billing with the fairy girl that graces the cover of his 2014 calendar.  Finally, a dakimakura of what looks like Akagi, but yet I'm 100% isn't Akagi, will keep me guessing until someone sharper than I am can correct me.

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