Tuesday, April 1, 2014

COMIC1☆8: AYUEST / Ayuya

Shoukaku to the rafters and a hot young rookie at COMIC1☆8

Surely, one of the more asinine conversations possible on sports talk radio is the discussion of whose uniform numbers deserve to be retired--here in the New England area, a debate over whether the digits of former Celtics Kevin Garnett (wasn't a lifetime Celtic) and Ray Allen (TRAITAH!) deserve enshrinement alongside True Celtic and mortal lock Paul Pierce in the TD Garden rafters has been known to consume an entire four-hour radio show.  Discussion of honoring Wade Boggs' uniform number has been known to spark bar fights.  No such debate in the AYUEST camp, however--the performance of their latest erotic parody doujin featuring Kan Colle's Shoukaku, with adorable paper airplane companion included, seems to have earned the aircraft carrier a place among the titans, as Ayuya has revealed a thoroughly lovely B2-sized tapestry of the kanmusu to be sold at COMIC1☆8 and at Toranoana.

As one great gets enshrined, a scorching hot young rookie will have her debut for AYUEST at COMIC1☆8, as watercraft waif Taihou graces the cover of the circle's latest erotic parody doujin, 21世紀ト恋想 , a B5-sized, 28-paged effort also available for order at the Tiger Hole.

Updated 1:52 pm 4/19:  AYUEST looks to be pushing all the circle's chips into the pot at COMIC1☆8, betting big on their collective talents with their kanmusu-of-the-moment.  In addition to the previously revealed tapestry and parody book, Shoukaku will be making an appearance on a long, wine bottle-sized reusable bag and on a netsuke with sister ship Zuikaku, and Taihou appear on a seriously neat customizable file box, the perfect size to tote around all your goodies!

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