Sunday, June 15, 2014

Amatsukaze Dakimakura Derby

Heavenly Wind for heavenly sleep

Since her fairly recent debut, Amatsukaze has been the de facto sortie leader in the quest to keep Kantai Collection on the minds and computer screens of otaku worldwide.  With her fetching monochrome look punctuated with shocks of red and amber eyes she shares with her little sister, Shimakaze, Amatsukaze has a distinctive look that sets her immediately apart from the rest of the kanmusu fleet, and her twintails, zettai ryouiki, and pettanko characteristics present a healthy array of otaku bait.  While Amatsukaze fan art has been in steady production since her debut, her relative youth in the game has made goods and doujin featuring her somewhat rare, but with the summer convention schedule heating up we're sure to see a bevy of Amatsukaze worship totems hit the market.  

In May, a trifecta of reputable dakimakura doujin artists dispatched Amatsukaze to the futons of fans across Japan:



Verdant Force:

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