Friday, December 28, 2012

Comic Market 83: Raijinkai / 雷神会 / Harukigenia

I cannot imagine the difficulty of reteaching oneself how to draw, but the decades-long body of work by Harukigenia, the artist at the helm of Raijinkai, shows it can be done with success.  Transitioning from the severe lines and distended breasts of 1990s erotic manga art to the moe character design tropes of the modern age surely was no easy task, but Harukigenia has succeeded in the quest to remain revelant, and had considerable success with their two Haganai books from 2011.  After getting linked up with Sword Art Online's Asuna Yuuki for their last two major releases, SAO's Suguha Kirigaya gets the call to arms for their Comic Market 83 release.

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