Saturday, December 29, 2012

Comic Market 83: Wireframe / Yuuki Hagure

No news is good news, except for WIREFRAME doujin fans at C83

A bit of a disappointment from the WIREFRAME camp for this weekend's Comic Market 83; while there will be some Sword Art Online parody goods for sale, after an exceptionally busy year it seems that the circle will not be featuring a new full-length ero book at the final convention of 2012.  The circle's decision is not unprecedented, with a similar showing at Comic Market 80, and at the least there will be some reading material, with the seventh volume of WIREFRAME Extra featuring Suguha Kirigaya.  Also for sale will be a large-format color poster of the same Suguha image.  By and large, though, it looks to be a dakimakura'd Asuna Yuuki doing the heavy lifting for the circle this convention.

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