Sunday, April 14, 2013

Comic1☆7: Abgrund / Yusa Saikawa

What perversion might be next from the Carnal Queen?

Former Otokonoko Ace Yusa Saikawa found a good deal of retail success with her latest straight offerings, a four-book original sis-con series that ended at Comitia103 in January.  We've been given the cover of Abgrund's next offering, to be released at Comic1☆7 later this month, and, while the translations are forthcoming, it would be fair to assume our covergirl hasn't just lost her dog...The book is already up for pre-order on your favorite smut peddler's site, and the preview pages look, well, moist.

Updated 6/20/13 10:27 am:

I failed to recognize that this book is not an original, but rather a parody of GJ-bu, the cover girl club member Megumi Amatsuka. 

Updated 10:44 am 4/23 Updated on Abgrund's listings for this weekend's Comic1☆7, it looks like the girls from Love Live! School Idol Project have captured Saikawa's fancy--oddly enough, the exact same girls that grace the cover of Oyari Ashito's new ero offering--with the cover given to Nozomi Toujou, and a very active Niko Yazawa found inside. 

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