Thursday, April 25, 2013

When Tony Taka Wins, We All Win

Several updates from Tony Taka today, the first time we've heard from the artist since his mid-February announcement of his non-ero art and creation wing, Albion Works.   First, the artist will be the centerpiece of a traveling art exhibition by Art Jeuness featuring original works and concepts from the Shining series of video games, starting today.  With the announcement, a gorgeous new Swan Lake-inspired piece welcomes visitors to his site:

Thankfully, Tony has not abandoned his ero roots, and he revealed a new edition of his Fault!! tennis eroge franchise.  Fault!! Service Ace compiles Fault!! A and S, and a special edition will include a dakimakura featuring Ai Saeki and Mio Sugiyama on one side, and Reiko Date Wingfield and Maya Kamiwazumi on the other.

Also, here in the Third Dimension, an outstanding reveal from Kotobukiya courtesy of Plastikitty shows the planning stages of a figure of Tony Taka's cover girl from last year's mook Girls! Girls! Girls! vol. 9.

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