Friday, August 15, 2014

Comic Market 86: Karory / KAROMIX

Amatsukasual encounter

Karory has been awfully busy of late with a pair of art books being released this year, but KAROMIX has ramped up production somewhat.  After skipping Comic Market 85, the circle released, for lack of better understanding, a handful of STUFF at April's COMIC1, and KanColle Haruna parody Karoful Mix EX12 at Sankuri 64 in June.  While details are still forthcoming, it looks like the experimental Kagerou sister, Amatsukaze, will be doing the heavy lifting for the circle at this convention.  The smokestacked one's dakimakura makes me smile if only because of the absurdity of her stockings being laid bare...

...while it looks like she might also be called into service on Karoful Mix EX13, though there's no formal book reveal yet.

Karory's original character designs are nothing to ignore, either, and fans will have access to a B2-sized tapestry for sale at the event.

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