Sunday, August 10, 2014

Comic Market 86: REI's ROOM

Kantai Collector's Paradise

Another of the Because Japan "I can't believe I didn't know about this circle before KanColle" cabal, REI's ROOM is bringing a ridiculously big and completely adorable collection of kanmusu-themed goods that may necessitate a cargo barge to get home.  The repair ship Akashi looks like she could use a hosing off on the cover of their erotic parody doujinshi...

...and reprises the role in tapestry form.

REI's ROOM is perhaps best known for their delectable dakimakura selection, and Taigei here, reclining on big whale pillow, is exemplar...

...and she also appears in slightly intense and TOTALLY INTENSE clear file form...

...and looking more demure as a netsuke and, alongside big sister Ryuuhou, as badges.

Finally, S-Class A-cuppers Zuihou and Ryuujou appear back-to-back on a clipboard.

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