Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sunshine Creation 60: Mugen@WORKS / むげん@WORKS / Akiduki Akina

Akina prepares to go back to the farm for Comiket 84

Mugen@WORKS will participate in this weekend's Sunshine Creation 60, finally offering their Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi-centered Henneko parody in person after a delay that kept the book out of Comic1☆7 and the circle's absence during Comitia104.  In addition, the circle will offer free-of-charge a preview of their Comic Market 84 offering, featuing Chiho Sasaki of The Devil is a Part-Timer! (Hataraku Maou-sama!) in a pose udderly similar to the treatment Suguha Kirigaya received in the circle's Comiket 83 release.  I'm sure the snags that held up the Henneko book threw off Akina's work schedule, so here's to hoping that the circle can get back on the rails and have a smooth Comiket release and beyond.

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