Tuesday, April 29, 2014

COMIC1☆8: Karomix / Karory

In which my failure is laid bare

My failure as a fan is exposed with this release from Karomix for COMIC1, as the circle has a whole bunch of STUFF being offered and not a word of it translatable via Google due to the text being embedded in the image.  Fortunately, Karory tweeted out the list of goods to tell me there's a life-sized tapestry of original character creation Aomi Maika, a clear file folder, a book finished of Kancolle artwork, an omake booklet, and a rubber cell phone charm to top it all off.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

COMITIA108: Fujiya / ふじ家 / Nectar

Originibutani?  Nibutaoriginal!

Fujiya first caught my eye with their adorably moesome takes on the Kantoku-designed girly girls of Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko (like any Papakiki! doujin, appealing takes on other ero artists' original character creations for non-ero works are my catnip), and hasn't let go one bit since.  Circle artist and friend of Because Japan Nectar lends his girls a sweet, Yahiro Pochi-esque softness that I find intensely appealing, and I look forward to watching this artist grow in skill and in popularity in the years to come.  After doing exclusively erotic parodies of licensed works, Nectar is ready to flex the imagination a little bit with the circle's debut original work at COMITIA108.  Nectar good-naturedly admitted that the starring heroine could be confused for a sister of Shinku Nibutani of Chuunibyou fame, but I'm certainly looking forward to seeing what the artist has to say inside of the pages of this venture.

Sunshine Creation 63: Clesta / Cle Masahiro

Nagato does not skip core day

Clesta's Twitter account is a remarkably reliable source of scorching hot new images of the kanmusu, and his take on the Kantai Collection fleet is particularly notable for the raw athleticism he imparts upon the girls' bodies, depicting them as lithe, muscular, sinewy, and powerful.  Such is the case with Nagato on the cover of this omake book available just for this show.

Sunshine Creation 63: Alpha to Yukaina Nakamatachi


Credit Alpha to Yukaina Nakamatachi for coming up with an entirely new way of touting one's otakudom worldwide--kanmusu sisters Kongou and Haruna appear on a perfectly lovely folder for airline boarding passes for sale at Sankuri 63, alongside the circle's latest cryptic omake book, Zero Three Zero.

COMIC1☆8: Number2 / Takuji

New lewd views of μ's crew

It's been radio silence from Takuji of Number2 since the circle's last appearance, when they finally were able to rocket-thrust their way out of the OreImosphere at Comic Market 85 with, if we're being honest, a rather awkward-looking rendition of Love Live!'s Eri Ayase on the cover.  It looks like a much greater effort this time around from the circle, with Eri getting a little help from her friends Niko and Nozomi on the cover of the circle's latest and greatest effort for COMIC1.

COMIC1☆8: Alpha to Yukaina Nakamatachi


Alpha to Yukaina Nakamatachi's realm is usually that of original stories involving that rare and blessed beast, the deliciously flat-chested naif, so it was something of a surprise when, back at Comic Market 85, Alpha defied both expectations by offering a Kantai Collection parody book featuring the somewhat endowed Tenryuu, not exactly the most likely choice of all the kanmusu candidates.  COMIC1 sees something of a return to form, however, as the decidedly more hydrodynamic Akatsuki sisters Inazumi and Izakuchi on the cover, with Akatsuki and Hibiki on the back, on the cover of the not-subtly-titled  Petit Lips.  The quartet gets chibified on a travel mug, there's yet another cryptically named omake book, and Shimakaze steps up to help you take it all home from Odaiba after the event.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

COMIC1☆8: Shigunyan / しぐにゃん

Shigunyan Haruna is best Haruna

After all was said and done after Comic Market 85, my number one most desired book was not from my favorite artist, Tony Taka, or my favorite circle, Digital Lover, or from my favorite parodied franchise, OreImo.  Above all comers, my attention was rapt by a circle I previously had no knowledge of whatsoever, Shigunyan.  Their presentation of Kantai Collection's Haruna, sporting nekomimi, looking every inch the embodiment of Because Japan, put the circle firmly on my radar.  Looking into their past catalogue, I didn't see a whole lot of books that caught my attention, and the covers of their releases since C85 have been, frankly, somewhat underwhelming to me--had the circle managed to capture lightning in a bottle just the once?  With the circle's recent revelation of their plans for this year's COMIC1, it certainly seems that lightning can indeed strike twice.  Haruna makes a triumphant return on the cover of the circle's feature-length ero parody, as well as a B2-sized poster and a small bag.  German kanmusu Z1 and Z3 appear on the circle's 48th iteration of their omake books.

COMIC1☆8: TIES / Takei Ooki

Hanami party foul, kanmusu-style

Takei Ooki of TIES was formerly a frequent contributor to the doujinshisphere, and as a readily apparent fan of the Bakemonogatari anime series judging by the circle's catalogue, one would think that the somewhat regular new seasons of Monogatari anime on Tokyo television would inspire more works than we've seen from the highly talented artist.  The last full-fledged effort we've seen of the circle was Comiket 85's Kantai Collection parody, which included a bonus omake book featuring Zuihou on the cover.  Finally, it's her time to shine, as the circle will sell a full-length Zuihou parody work at COMIC1.

This time, it's Shiranui being relegated to omake status--someone may want to alert foremost spats aficionado Peter Payne of JList to this one:

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

COMIC1☆8: Digital Lover / Yuka Nakajima / D.L. Action 85 & 86


Digital Lover was somewhat late to the table for the Kantai Collection doujinshi cash bonanza, but with the game's popularity proving to be far from fleeting, and an anime series in the hopper to debut later this year, it seems that Yuka Nakajima's crystal ball tells her there's no signs of the game's popularity waning any time too soon.  Having already revealed a tapestry of Kumano and Suzuya to be offered at next weekend's Sankuri 63, the circle will have yet another new goods offering at COMIC1☆8 later in the month, with the game's iconic buxom blonde battler, Atago, receiving the dakimakura treatment.  This represent's Atago's third tour of duty for the circle, having previously appeared on the cover of October 2013's D.L. Action 81, and in a clear file conflagration at Comiket 85 in December.  

Updated 8:01 pm 4/26:  Yuka Nakajima works hard and seldom disappoints, and even though the artist is surely in demand in anticipation of the upcoming anime debut of Amagi Brilliant Park, the ero parody hits just keep on comin' with a pair of full-length parody releases for fans at COMIC1.

Yamato appears for the first time on the cover of the circle's fourth Kantai Collection doujinshi, D.L. Action 85, and still has energy enough to appear on a clear file folder.

Finally, The Irregular at Magic High School's Miyuki Shiba's brother complex is on full display on the cover of D.L. Action 86.

Friday, April 4, 2014

COMIC1☆8: HitenKei / Hiten

Kanmusu require R&R, too!

Having labored for years under the burdensome moniker Shadow Sorceress Communication Protocol, circle artist Hiten publicized the sale of a new doujinshi via Twitter today being sold under a different label.  KanColor, weighing in at 20 B5-sized pages, is being sold by Toranoana and Melonbooks under the circle name HitenKei, will be available at COMIC1☆8, and it looks like the book is ecchi-but-not-hentai to boot!

Updated 4:51 pm 4/27:  Hiten's revealed an additional all-ages Kancolle release for COMIC1, a simple-yet-lovely B2-sized tapestry of Yuubari.  

COMIC1☆8: Popochichi / ぽぽちち / Yahiro Pochi

Unheralded conquistadors

The most squeezably soft damsels in the dominion of doujinshidom come from the pen of Popochichi's Yahiro Pochi, and the femmes fatales of World Conquest Zvezda Plot, Kate Hoshimiya, Itsuka Shikabane, and Natalia Vasylchenko, along with foiler Renge Komadori acclimate themselves nicely to Pochi's puchi-puchi style on the cover of the circle's latest offering.

The B5-sized, 24-page release is already available for purchase at Toranoana, and will be offered directly to fans at COMIC1☆8 later this month.  The circle has been strangely silent regarding this latest effort, with no updates or hints on their website, nor on Pochi's Twitter feed, leaving it to AkibaBlog to break the news to fans.  Toranoana's preview pages and AkibaBlog's coverage suggest a bit of departure from the circle's usual sex-positive, playful, happy content to something darker and more intense--perhaps it's something about COMIC1, recalling last year's eye-scorching Tamako Market release...?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

COMIC1☆8: Clesta / Cle Masahiro / CL-orz 35 & 36

Bombs away

Between regular book releases, character goods, and random high-quality image releases via TwitterClesta's Cle Masahiro is reliably one of the more prolific doujin-ka in the game, and the S-Level circle will bring its A-game to late April's COMIC1☆8.  Originally previewed at February's Sunshine Creation 62, the circle is ready to publish its latest Kan Colle erotic parody book, CL-orz 35, starring the stockinged ship-shape starlet Suzuya.  This is the circle's third consecutive Kan Colle parody release, following Nagato's debut on CL-orz 33, and Atago's on CL-orz 34.  

In recent weeks, Clesta's Cle Masahiro has teased fans with brand-spanking-new images of Kantai Collection fleetmates AtagoNagatoMusashi, and Tenryuu, as well as Sailor scout Venus on his Twitter feed.  Of these, only the Atago image was unfinished.  What was last shall be first, so they say, and so it shall be with this life-sized tapestry of the buxom blonde bombsheller to be sold at COMIC1☆8.

Updated 7:48 pm 4/26:  Clesta's work output rate truly is class of the field, as the circle has revealed not one but two additional publications for sale at COMIC1☆8.  Atago makes her second appearance on a Clesta cover on CL-orz 36, looking decidedly more engaged than she was on the cover of the circle's 34th volume.

In addition, the Kancolle fun continues with Kaga on the cover of an omake book that just might have been named by the artist's cat walking across the keyboard.

Sunshine Creation 63: Digital Lover / Yuka Nakajima

Hanafubuki with the Mogami Sisters

While the overwhelming majority of Because Japan's favorite artists have announced plans for late April's COMIC1☆8, practically no one has announced intentions of having something new for next weekend's Sunshine Creation 63.  Finally, we have some news from that hardest working doujin-ka in the business, that vanguard of vanilla, Digital Lover's Yuka Nakajima.  While news of a new parody doujin is forthcoming, the artist revealed a B2-sized tapestry of Kantai Collection's Suzuya and Kumano, imbibing some sake amongst a cascade of sakura blossoms, though it does seem that Suzuya may have spilled some in an awkward spot...

Updated 4/11 10:11 pm:  Minor news on the doujinshi front from Digital Lover, as the circle has revealed a new iteration of their omake/sketch books, Rough Sketch 82, will be available at Sankuri 63, featuring The Irregular at Magic High School's Miyuki Shiba on the cover.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

COMIC1☆8: NEKO WORKs / Sayori

Cats now allowed on the bed at Because Japan HQ

NEKO WORKs finally gave me an entry point into their works with last month's completely lovely-looking Kantai Collection parody, the circle's first parody work in more than three years after a steady diet of works featuring original catgirl-sister-maid creations Vanilla and Chocola.  Despite this respite, circle leader Sayori apparently believes that the nekomusume have earned even more rest, and as such has rendered the pair in delicious dakimakura form to be sold at COMIC1☆8 later this month.  The B-sides of the covers certainly suggest a restful slumber for the servile sisters may have to wait, however...

Ishikei's Comiket Staffer by Wing Looking Warm


Generally speaking, up until now Wing's greatest contributions to the figure collecting milieu have been of the Super Sonico variety, but they caught my attention at the latest Wonder Festival with their revelation of a maquette of Ishikei's Comic Market 77 catalog cover girl.  While the artist has been missing from the doujinshi scene for quite some time, he's been all over the pages of Comic X-Eros lately, so we can't exactly accuse him of resting on his dirty, filthy laurels.  However, fans were recently treated to an image on his Twitter account, showing the front side of that same Comiket staffer, looking as though she's had enough of the Odaiba heat.  With this, a confirmation from Wing that, to accommodate the separate poses, Ishikei's Comiket girl will come with alternate torsos to be displayed clothed or unclothed. 

No Picking or Choosing Necessary--Karorful a la carte

Well-deserved compilation mook streets

Months upon months of radio silence from super-ero-kawaii creator Karory has paid off in spades!  The once-prolific artist's lack of communication or new works has been explained away with the release of the artist's first mook, Karorful a la carte, released late last week on the streets of Japan.  The 160-page book features the same original character creation figure collectors were surprised by at Comic Market 83, and looks to contain a cadre of retouched beauties from the artist's catalog of originals previously featured on the circle's website.  While I greatly look forward to Karorful Mix EX12, whenever it might come into being and whatever series it might parody, big congratulations to a most deserving creator!

Sousakubatake Harvest Festival 2014: Alpha to Yukaina Nakamatachi / 有葉と愉快な仲間たち

-.- .- .-- .- .. .. !

Alpha to Yukaina Nakamatachi continues its adorable-girls-and-inscrutable-nomenclature trend for 2014 with ZERO ONE ZERO at Sousakubatake Harvest Festival 2014 later this month, following up Sankuri 62's ZERO NINE SEVEN.  Like clockwork, Alpha continues to produce adorable original character designs that we'll be left pining for all year, surely to resurface only on the circle's annual calendar.  

COMIC1☆8: Mugen@WORKS / むげん@WORKS / Akiduki Akina

Sexy news always comes in threes

Mugen@WORKS' Akiduki Akina is tailor-made for bureaucratic rule--the guy can't get enough of completing things in triplicate!  Having completed a trifecta of parodies featuring Kantai Collection's Kongou, the artist will submit his third Suzuya-centric Kan Colle parody for our consideration at COMIC1☆8 later this month. 

To further profess his affection for the mocha-stockinged seafarer, the circle will produce what I believe is its first dakimakura, for sale with circle Arukamikad, sold at retail outlets Toranoana and Melonbooks as well. 


Victory lick lap for Saikawa's sultry sibs

Following the unfortunate incidents that led her to leave the otokonoko arena, Abgrund's Yusa Saikawa charged back to the top of sales banzukes with her four-book tour-de-imouto-force, Oniichan Controller, Imouto Calendar, Imouto Complete, and OYACODON, released between November 2012 and April 2013.  Saikawa recently revealed that, for the first time since her 2011 Maria Holic parody collection, her circle will produce a soushuuhenn of the Imouto works to be sold at COMIC1☆8 and through the usual suspects.  Coming in at 162 B5-sized pages, the collection will include a brand-new 14-page epilogue to the original story, plus it'll include the human-elf coupling romp Wataero!! that debuted at COMIC1 two years ago. 

Updated 3:03 pm 4/19:  A surprise announcement from Abgrund revealed the circle was not content to simply pat itself on the back for its hard work of a year ago for this year's COMIC1☆8.  Perhaps aided by now having a semblance of a story and/or personality thanks to her Winter 2014 anime series, Nitroplus' ubiquitous mascot Super Sonico has captured the frequently depraved imagination of the circle, and she'll make her starring turn in GOOD-BYE BEAUTIFUL DREAMER, a 24-paged B5-sized release.  

Updated 7:41 pm 4/26:  It's an unprecedented trifecta of titillation from Abgrund at COMIC1, with a 4-koma and omake doujinshi for sale alongside the circle's new book and soushuuhen.