Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Sexy Fun Animated Halloween!

More Tony Taka Figures? More Tony Taka Figures.

Shogun Taka's all-out assault on the savings accounts of otaku everywhere shows no signs of relenting, and, miracle of miracles, they're not all from the Shining series...most, but not all.

First, Tony's artwork has frequently graced the cover of E2 Magazine and the magazine's mook series Girls Girls Girls!  Tony made the cover of the third volume of the mook with this sukumizu-clad maid:

Thank you to bedetheque.com for the image.

Sculptor Takeshi Miyagawa has created a 3D version for purchase, which has just recently debuted on AmiAmi:

This is not the first time that Miyagawa has tackled Tony's cover girls in scale form:  back in March 2010, the catgirl maids of the first Girls Girls Girls! were rendered in 1/6 scale with remarkable results:

Thank you to baudattitude.com for the image.
Photo montage from amiami.com

I regret to say that I will refrain from ordering this piece--it seems that the figure version seems a little chunky, overly endowed in the chest.  The colors of the figure seem completely off, as the skin tone seems far too pale and the hair color looks purple, rather than the black of the original, all in all devoid of the warmth of the original girl.  The facial expression somehow lacks the coquettish charm of the original illustration, and the clunky spoon dangling from her mouth is a poor representation of Tony's slender sculpt.  I'm very disappointed, because I truly enjoy Tony and Miyagawa's first collaboration, but this is far too removed from the original to abide by.

Much more to my interest was this image of a magazine scan shared by Tomopop presumably showcasing the first in the newest line of Shining girls in swimsuits, starting with foxy handmaiden Rouna.  I have not declined any of this line of figures save for the Urayakuhime version, which was a miserable and blatant reskin of a previous Blanc Neige, and will most definitely order this once it's available. 

From a definite no, to a definite yes, to a definite maybe, the folks at Volks displayed a 1/7 scale maquette of Amil from Shining Hearts, heretofore unreleased in figure form.  I love Amil's character design and am very intrigued, but I have yet to purchase one of Volks' Moekore PLUS figures and wonder if she'll fit in well with the previous releases of the series from Kotobukiya.  Thanks to the good folks at Akiba Hobby and Moeyo for the following images:

Monday, October 29, 2012

De-tennising Unboxing--Ai Saeki by Skytube

I've just received a box from the good people of AmiAmi, and it's none other than Ai Saeki from Fault!!.  A proper figure review is still to come; for now, let's unbox!

Saeki's box is a blunt, desperately workman-like affair, completely devoid of anything that could be mistaken as "styling" or "package design."  There is, quite literally, almost nothing done to entice the buyer to pick up the box other than the very simple fact that an ecchi figure from Tony Taka is contained therein.  I would almost prefer a Dharma Initiative-style white box with "Ai Saeki" in black Arial to what we've been given.

To further eradicate any semblance of mystery or excitement about the figure, the top flap of the box is affixed with a simple circle of velcro to allow an immediate, full-on view of Saeki in her reclined splendor.

If you listen very carefully, you can hear a very faint "Let me out of here!"  As you can see, she comes fully composed with all the cast-offable bits made obvious by extra plastic wrapping.

After removing the top plastic molding, she's practically ready to go.  It's at this point that you really get a sense of what you're in for with the figure.

I've found my wife in a similar position after losing a battle with a plastic painting dropcloth:

After extracting Ai from her molding and taking off the necessary bits to remove the extra plastic wrap:

But wait, there's more!  There are very nicely hidden clasps at the hook of her brassiere, the left hip of her panties, and the underside of her skirt...

Now that you have your nightmare fuel for the evening, something a little kinder:

It must be said; there are few figures with a vulva as detailed as Saeki's is.  I'm not sure it says anything good about me as a man when I can say with complete confidence that labia minora on an anime figure is exceedingly rare.

As remarkable as Ai looks completely cast-off, I prefer her with her clothing still on, and it's certainly more faithful to the original illustration.

A proper review shall be forthcoming.  Until then...

Friday, October 26, 2012

Sunshine Creation 57: Alpha to Yukaina Nakamatachi / 有葉と愉快な仲間たち

No new major release to announce from Alpha for Sankuri 57, but the circle will be releasing a book of 4-koma and rough sketches; perhaps a preview of their C83 book lies within?

In addition, Alpha will be selling a reusable shopping bag for toting around the day's purchases, which I found too cute not to feature:

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sunshine Creation 57: Mugen@WORKS / むげん@WORKS / Akiduki Akina

There is no sign of SAO relinquishing its stranglehold upon the imaginations and the pen tips of doujin artists at the upcoming Sunshine Creation 57.  Mugen@WORKS gets in on the action with a very frothy Asuna gracing the cover of its latest offering:

I have to say, I'm a little confused by the evident departures from their character model of Asuna that the circle presented with their Comic Market 82 offering:

Sunshine Creation 57: Digital Lover / Yuka Nakajima / D.L. Action 71

Yuka Nakajima is in the business of Asuna, and business is good.

A significant update from Yuka Nakajima's Digital Lover today in anticipation of this weekend's Sunshine Creation 57, via the circle's blog, and Sword Art Online fans seem to have won the day.

Back in early September, Digital Lover released the following image of a happy, bridal-veiled Asuna onto Pixiv, with a note indicating it could be a preview of the cover of the forthcoming D.L. Action 71:

From Yuka Nakajima's Pixiv site, see link above.
If the just-released cover image is to be believed, it looks as though things have progressed a bit on the bridal bed:

Asuna Doin' Work.  Image courtesy of Akibadaisuki.jp
We can clearly see Asuna's facial expression has become a bit more business-like and her top opened, and the picture as a whole has a lot more pink to it.  I personally prefer the artwork of the original post rather than the book's cover, but I certainly can't wait to see the contents, of which there is no small amount--according to Akibadaisuki, this doujin is a monstrous 36 pages!