Sunday, September 7, 2014

Comic Treasure 24: Shigunyan


Nekomimi Haruna shows no signs of relinquishing her control over my heart on the cover a roughly drawn continuation of Shigunyan's ongoing KanColle parody series.

Comic Treasure 24: HitenKei / Hiten

An honest assessment

HitenKei offers the young circle's first omake book, not subtly titled HentaiKei Rough Book 01, available at Comic Treasure 24, featuring KanColle's Yukikaze and Tokitsukaze on the cover.  Haruna (watch out for the stripes!) is featured on a new B2-sized tapestry.

Comic Treasure 24: REI's ROOM

Wardrobe malfunctions and eating disorders

REI's ROOM is right back into the fray at Comic Treasure 24 with a tapestry of kanmusu carriers Unryuu and Hiryuu for sale, and attendees will receive free of charge a postcard featuring Kagerou girls Isokaze and Tokitsukaze eschewing dry clothes for some soft serve.

Comic Treasure 24: Digital Lover / Yuka Nakajima

Life after Amatsukaze?

Between the aftermath of Comic Market 86 and the upcoming premiere of the anime adaptation of Amagi Brilliant Park, Digital Lover's Yuka Nakajima surely didn't have much time to put together a new full-length doujinshi, but there is a new, 85th volume of the circle's Rough Sketch omake books, featuring KanColle's Unryuu, plus fans can cleanse their snouts with a face towel featuring the puppy-like Kagerou sister Tokitsukaze.


Stand, delivered

With the smoke clearing and the rubble revealed following the chaos of Comic Market 86 just weeks ago, most circles were happy to simply offer copies of their newest and latest at COMITIA109 at the tail end of August.  AYUEST, not being most circles, offered a plastic smartphone stand featuring Amatsukaze and some highly styled calligraphy--what it reads, I shall leave to someone literate in Japanese, and simply state MORE OF MY BOAT WIFE PLS.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Comic Market 86: Jenoa Cake じぇのばけーき / TakayaKi

Head gasket replacement?

Jenoa Cake's TakayaKi has been largely silent since the circle's Comic Market 85 release, featuring KanColle's Suzuya, the only sign of life being a drawing of Suzuya's fleetmate Agano posted to the circle's website back in February.  The drawing may have changed, but the focal point remains the same, as Agano takes the cover of the circle's C86 release.  

Friday, August 15, 2014

Comic Market 86: Aozora Shoujo 青空少女 / Shirane Taito

Coming into today, I knew absolutely nothing about Shirane Taito.  Ending the day, I know one thing about Shirane Taito--the artist draws QUITE the Iori Minase.  Highly recommended preview pages over at Toranoana.

Comic Market 86: Aspergillus / Okara

A somewhat shocking choice

An amusing selection by Aspergillus for their Comic Market 86 parody book, as the circle has chosen to eschew the armada of kanmusu and the idols for minor A Certain Scientific Railgun characters Kinuho Wannai and Maaya Awatsuki.

Comic Market 86: Kohakutei 琥珀亭 / Sakai Hamachi

Filled out in triplicate

I have a soft, nostalgic spot for Kohakutei dating back to when I was first getting into doujinshi by purchasing every half-decent Spice and Wolf parody book I can find, and the circle stays extremely busy with new works coming out throughout the year.  Their 85th, 86th, and 87th books will be dispatched to Odaiba for Comiket 86, with kanmusu Kaga and Taigei making their first appearances for the circle, while Pretty Cure's Ikuyo Hoshizora takes her third cover, the last seen at last year's Summer Comiket.

Comic Market 86: Alpha to Yukaina Nakamatachi / 有葉と愉快な仲間たち

Twin turbo

Long-time favorite of Because Japan Alpha to Yukaina Nakamatachi has an undeniable twin complex--the circle's original works seem to frequently involve doubles making discoveries together.  While details are scant, one could guess that the circle's C86 offering will keep the theme, though it would be a surprise to learn if one of these twins is male....

The circle's other offerings include yet another entry in their cryptically named omake series, and a shitajiki.

Comic Market 86: Tony Taka / T2 ART WORKS

Cocktail hour 

After gifting fans with a rare and glorious parody doujinshi (of Kantai Collection, to the surprise of no one) at Comic Market 85, it looks like it's back to form for Tony Taka at C86, with the reveal of T2 ART WORKS' goods collection.  As has been the case with the overwhelming majority of Tony's recent doujin efforts, the preview pages of this work seem to indicate a collection of remastered older works and new art pieces, with no cohesive theme or storyline to consider.

A dakimakura of an original character creation invites us to consider the physiology of the catgirl.

Tony's latest entry in the Shining series of RPGs, Shining Resonance, heavily involves music and instruments into the battlefield, and it seems that the artist has carried that inspiration onto a cello-toting nymphet as a poster and a clear layered file.  SEE YOU IN FIGURE FORM SOON, MY DEAR.

And finally a fan and shitajiki for fans to fan themselves with.

Comic Market 86: Cat FooD / NaPaTa

Oh Miki you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind hey Miki (clap clap, clap)

Cat FooD's NaPaTa revealed the circle's Comic Market 86 release today, its fourth consecutive iDOLM@STER parody doujinshi.  After two Ranko Kanzaki outings and a date with Rin Shibuya at C85, it's Miki Hoshii getting the call to Odaiba this time 'round.