Friday, October 4, 2013

Sunshine Creation 61: Alpha to Yukaina Nakamatachi / 有葉と愉快な仲間たち

More sweet stuff from Alpha's kitchen

The steady stream of confectioneries continues from the kitchen of Alpha to Yukaina Nakamatachi at Sunshine Creation 61 this weekend with Cheese Cake Position, the 6th iteration of their sweets-titled omake books.  The circle's mascot character graces an adorable nekomimi'd hooded towel that the circle originally sold at Sankuri 60 earlier this year.  

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sunshine Creation 61: Raijinkai / 雷神会 / Harukigenia

A warm Island Wind blows 

Raijinkai will bring Kan Colle's Shimakaze into drydock to check instrument sensitivity, fluid levels, and reload ammunition at Sunshine Creation 61 this weekend.  

Sunshine Creation 61: Abgrund / Yusa Saikawa

Early adopter Saikawa pays tribute to the vanguard of the fleet

The futility of being Japanese-illiterate and following doujin-ka on Twitter cannot be understated, but one does manage to glean some information.  Exhibit A?  Man oh man does Abgrund's Yusa Saikawa love Kantai Collection.  Her followers can expect a daily update on her progress in the game, new characters added to her fleet, stats updates, the whole nine yards.  So, when one sees her circle's producing a Kan Colle parody book, one can be fairly assured that it's not just fan service cashing in on the latest fad to sweep otakudom.  After cranking out an Atago-themed book at Comiket 84, Abgrund moves onto that most famous and revered ship in Japanese naval history, Yamato, for Sunshine Creation 61.

Sunshine Creation 61: Mugen@WORKS / むげん@WORKS / Akiduki Akina

Kyonyuu Kan Colle's Kongo Kontinues Koncerning Krafting

Because Japan first became a fan of Akiduki Akina's Mugen@WORKS after enjoying the circle's two 2011 Haganai parodies featuring Kobato Hasegawa at the fore, and greatly enjoyed the circle's Waiting in the Summer and Accel World books that followed in the first half of 2012.  Since then, however, a certain physical feature has dominated the majority of the circle's books that certainly sways opposite the heroines that captured this writer's initial attention.

I'm not saying that these books are no good, nor am I saying that Mugen@WORKS is a one-trick pony.  I simply hope and wish that the circle would show a bit more creativity in the presentation of its subject matter than it has over the past year.  Kon-Colle 02, featuring Kantai Collection's Kongo, will be released at this weekend's Sunshine Creation 61.

Sunshine Creation 61: Clesta / Cle Masahiro / CL-orz 32

Nisekoi's leading lady not to be disrespected at Sankuri 61

After taking the back seat to her friend and bodyguard Tsugumi Seishirou on the cover of Clesta's previous offering one month ago, Nisekoi's female lead Chitoge Kirisaki finds herself in the pole position on the cover of CL-orz 32 to be released this weekend at Sunshine Creation 61.  Note the ever-so-slight and ever-so-delightful yaeba on the full-size high-res version!

Sunshine Creation 61: Digital Lover / Yuka Nakajima / D.L. Action 81

All hands on deck!  Kan Colle darlings in parade formation

It might be said that the anthropomorphized naval fleet of Kantai Collection is the hottest property for doujin-ka to parody since Touhou, and considering the game's relative newness and novelty and the seemingly endless cast of comely characters, there will likely be no end to the trend in the near future.  Digital Lover's Yuka Nakajima is on board, apparently, with the circle's Sunshine Creation 61 release, D.L. Action 81, featuring the warships Shimakaze, Mutsu, and Atago on the cover. 

This book marks the circle's first gamesoft parody since the Ragnarok Online parody D.L. Action 41 dating all the way back to Comiket 73 in December 2007.  Perhaps more interesting at this moment, prior to any preview pages being released anyway--will there be an appearance of a generic male protagonist, or, be still my heart, will this book be a strictly yuri release

In addition to the ero doujin, the circle will have for sale a clear folder featuring Shimakaze transitioning from clothed to battle-tattered, as well as a set of drinking glasses featuring a quartet of the Kan Colle girls.