Thursday, August 29, 2013

Comic Treasure 22: Clesta / Cle Masahiro / CL-orz 31

Nisekoi's Black Tiger brazen biscuit-buffer at Komitore 22

After yet another successful Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere ero doujin release at Comic Market 84, Cle Masahiro's Clesta revealed the circle's intentions for this weekend's Comic Treasure 22 at INTEX Osaka.  Leaving the sci-fi setting for the moment, the circle parodies the high-school yakuza hi-jinks of Nisekoi with CL-orz 31, a 16-page effort featuring the Shonen Jump manga series' female assassin Seishirou Tsugumi taking care of business on the cover.  

Comic Treasure 22: Digital Lover / Yuka Nakajima / D.L. Action 80

Controller-controlling controller controls consecutive covers!

The Hardest-Working Man in the Doujinshi Business, Yuka Nakajima of Digital Lover, has lived up to his billing yet again, with A Certain Scientific Railgun's Misaki Shokuhou reclaiming exclusive billing on the cover of D.L. Action 80, to be released this weekend at INTEX Osaka at Comic Treasure 22.  It certainly looks like she'll thrust a Wii remote between her breasts into the fray alongside her typical weapon of choice.  The release is no small effort either, a B5-sized book at a not insignificant 20 pages.  This marks Misaki's third appearance on a D.L. Action release, and is the fourth Railgun parody out of the circle's last five new books.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Toranoana Comiket Sales Banzuke a Summit of Titans

D.L. domination as the smoke clears from the Tiger Hole

With the closing of Comic Market 84, certainly the hottest Comiket on record temperature-wise if not content-wise, Toranoana Akihabara, that de facto retail mecca of doujin pilgrims, has finally posted their ranking banzuke of the top-selling doujinshi to debut at the event, and what it lacks in surprises it more than makes up in impeccable erotic craftsmanship.  With special thanks to Akiba Blog for providing the knowledge and the images, let's check the banzuke!

1)  D.L. Action 78 (Index/Railgun series) by Digital Lover / Yuka Nakajima

 2)  Recollect2 (original) by T2 ART WORKS / Tony Taka

3)  D.L. Action 79 (Monogatari series) by Digital Lover / Yuka Nakajima

4)  Summer in Check (original) by Afterschool of the 5th Year / Kantoku

5)  DL-Kuroneko Soushuuhen 01 (OreImo) by Digital Lover / Yuka Nakajima

 6)  Mahou Shoujo 11.0 (original) by Zettai Shoujo / RAITA

 7)  T-14 3 Tai Choooo (Nanoha series) by Cyclone / Izumi & Reizei

 8)  See You After School (original) by Mugenkidou A / Tomose Shunsaku

 9)  T-15 DaaBiiii (Precure series) by Cyclone / Izumi & Reizei

10)  Fate/Apocrypha vol. 2 (Fate series) by TYPE-MOON /  Higashida Yuichiro & Konoe Yoshitsugu

Monday, August 12, 2013

Comic Market 84: Popochichi / ぽぽちち / Yahiro Pochi

Puni puni Popochichi infiltrates IS Academy at C84

After their last parody ero doujin, the eye-searing, stomach-turning Tamako Market-themed romp released upon an unsuspecting public at Comic1☆7, it seems that Popochichi might be trying to get back into the good graces of fandom at large by doing what they do best--beautiful girls made slightly soft, slightly round, and completely sexy.  In anticipation of this Fall's second season debut of Infinite Stratos, Germany's Laura Bodewig, Russia's Tatenashi Sarashiki, and France's Charlotte Dunois grace the cover of the circle's C84 release, She Is a Technician.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Comic Market 84: Men 120 Percent / 綿120パーセント / Menyoujan

Indecency is the new decency at Comiket 84

If Ishikei is the progenitor of the sexy multiple-position montage cover, Men 120 Percent is certainly one of its most worthy offspring.  The circle's A4-sized, full-color releases have been very well regarded, and their artistry is consistently high-quality and seldom if ever takes liberty with the bounds of human anatomy.  The circle's C84 offering will follow up their Comiket 82 To Love-Ru parody with the release of the Yui Kotegawa-centric Tastyui2.

Comic Market 84: Karomix / Karory

Goods business must be good business for Karory

After maintaining uncharacteristic radio silence in the weeks leading up to Comic Market 84, we finally have Karory's assortment of offerings at Tokyo Big Sight, and, puzzlingly, the circle's new ero doujin seems to be close to an afterthought for the usually proud and prolific group.  Karorful Mix Ex11 features Attack on Titan's Mikasa Ackerman on the cover, but the book is buried under a dakimakura of the same original character creation that was figurized at December's Comiket 83, and what I would guess is a book of original character designs, KAROLOG, offered as one part of a set of goods.

Comic Market 84: Mugenkidou A / 無限軌道 A / Tomose Shunsaku

An original moon-eyed maiden introduces herself at Comiket 84

One of the great joys of doujinshi collecting is finding an artist you like and discovering artists with similar styles.  So it was for me with Tomose Shunsaku's Mugenkidou A, a veritable artistic clone of Hisasi, both incredibly adept artists who draw their girls with positively abyssal eyes, approaching a point where their work is practically indistinguishable.  Mugenkidou's release for Comic Market 84 puts the circle in waters they haven't tread since 2010--an original work.  It looks like the circle's going all in on their new girl's talents, with a dakimakura to go along with an ero doujin, and original character creations gracing all of the circle's goods for the convention. 

Comic Market 84: Maigo Tsuushin / 迷子通信 / Mel Kishida

Poolside with the Master of Non-Ero Natsukashii

Mel Kishida is one of those rare artists whose fame is directly tied to their lack of erotic works--no artist emphasizes the kawaii part of ero-kawaii quite like Kishida, and no doujin-ka does more with a reader's imagination than he.  Maigo Tsuushin's Comic Market 84 release, melbook.2013.summer, will surely carry on the tradition in high style. 

Comic Market 84: Number2 / Takuji

Full-color Kirino End from the Titan of Titles

No circle has more fun with the absurdity of the length of long light novel series titles than Number2, who has penned such remarkable works as the Haganai title I Have Too Much Cum, I Can't Stop Cumming Inside Your Pussy, and the OreImo parodies Going Bareback and Coming Inside My Sister and My Sister's Friend.  The circle's devotion to Kirino and Chums has been going on strong for quite a while; they released a soushuuhen of their previous six previous OreImo doujin AND a new OreImo parody book, I Had a Crush on Onii-chan.  He Stole My Virginity From Me In Front of My Friend, at Comic1☆7.

With the anime and light novels both coming to an end recently, one could not be blamed for hoping that the circle would keep the hits on coming, and today's reveal  Regrettably, because of my complete Japanese illiteracy, I cannot read what looks to be another hefty title from the quality circle, but with the world's favorite ota-imouto gracing the cover of their Comiket 84 offering in fine bridal fashion, it's sure to be another championship-calibre edition.

Additionally, it looks like a previously untouched character in Number2's version of the OreImosphere, Saori, gets featured in an omake booklet.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Comic Market 84: Kohakutei / 琥珀亭 / Sakai Hamachi

What's old is new again

I first became a fan of Sakai Hamachi's Kohatukei after reading his 2008 pair of Spice and Wolf parodies and have been a casual follower of the circle's work since.  The circle tends to over-exaggerate his characters' bodies just slightly, lending a little extra heft to all the juicy bits without getting grotesque (though some need no additional assistance in that regard) and, if I'm being honest, I enjoy that he doesn't make all of his girls hairless naifs, and he draws a pretty darned erotic erection to boot. 

Kohakutei has a pair of ero doujin in store for fans at Comiket 84.  Confusion Level Q looks to reboot the circle's long-running Evangelion books, disengaging from the Asuka x Shinji pairing of their six Confusion Level A parody books of the original TV series, which came out in a trickle between 2007 and 2012, to instead join the timeline of the series-reimagining films.

The circle's second C84 offering, StarDust Scene2, continues the Precure! parody story the circle began at Comiket 83 last December.

Comic Market 84: Alpha to Yukaina Nakamatachi / 有葉と愉快な仲間たち

Alpha gets in the Mysterious Transfer Student game at C84

When I bought my first Alpha to Yukaina Nakamatachi doujinshi, April 2012's Papakiki! parody Mama ni Naritaino!, I hoped I was getting into a relatively unknown artist with a considerable backlog of parody works.  While I was right about the size backlog, I was way way off regarding the circle's source material--Alpha operates almost exclusively in the realm of its own original stories and character creations.

After spending many years in the school halls of the Let's Become an Expert series, Alpha's more recent attention has been focused on a certain sordid family's affairs, with twin sisters Yui and Sui Takanashi the starlets of the circle's Comiket 82 and 83 efforts, and "Nasty Aunt" Aya Natsuki at Comic1☆7 this past April.  The family business continues, it seems, at C84 this weekend, with a new argentine-haired duo on the cover of Transfer Student of Twins Ema & Eve

Alpha's slate of goods at C84 includes a new omake book, BISCUIT POSiTION, moving the circle from sweet to savory names, as well as an ID card holder, label set, 4-koma book, and a rather beautiful trio of seifuku'd girls on a clear file.  Regrettably, Alpha has yet to reach a distribution deal with Melonbooks or Toranoana, so the convention will be the only opportunity to buy the set. 

Comic Market 84: Wireframe / Hagure Yuuki

Wireframe takes a victory lap at C84

A bit of a disappointment from the Wireframe camp in anticipation of Comic Market 84 this weekend, as circle artist Hagure Yuuki revealed plans to publish a collection of the circle's past few years of work, with parodies of iM@S, OreImo, High School DxD, Maken-Ki!, Angel Beats!, and more.  Idolm@ster girls Miki Hoshii and Airi Totoki get new artwork on the cover of the omnibus, DDD-Wireframe soushuuhen.

It also seems that Hagure has caught the Kan Colle bug spreading through the ranks of doujinka, with Shimakaze on the cover of the Wireframe Extra vol. 8 omake book, and Atago possibly making an appearance as new content inside of the soushuuhen.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Comic Market 84: Raijinkai / 雷神会 / Harukigenia

Scourge of Chiba reasserts her dominance at C84

Raijinkai has been rather prolific in their choice of series over the past several years and perfectly happy to follow trends rather than stick to one series, with Henneko, SAO, Watamote (way before the anime!), Haganai, AnoHana, Penguindrum, and more all being covered in the past couple of years, rarely doing more than one parody book per series.

Earlier this summer, the circle released a rare soushuuhen, which collected what came as close to a series fixation as the circle's ever shown, OreImo parodies Oreimo Binetsu Tyuihou 1, 2, and 3, all from 2010.  After a long break away, the circle will return to the underbelly of Chiba for their Comic Market 84 release, Oreimo Binetsu Tyuihou 4, featuring lovely yandere Ayase Aragaki on center stage.

Updated 11:35 a.m. 8/9/13:  The Kan Colle affliction continues to run roughshod through the ranks of doujinka at Comic Market 84, with Raijinkai's contribution to the outbreak, a 20-page romp featuring Shimakaze.

Comic Market 84: Aspergillus

BiriBiri boomsauce at C84

After months in the hopper, Aspergillus has finally revealed the cover of their newest offering at Comic Market 84.  Darlings of the year Misaki Shokuhou and Mikoto Misaka grace the cover of Level: Five, both looking lovely in their Tokiwadai uniforms, though BiriBiri certainly looks less than happy to share the spotlight with her towheaded rival.

Comic Market 84: Ajisai Denden / アジサイデンデン

A bright-as-day victory lap for circle's Darker Than Black work

After the circle's triumphant, nearly canon-worthy treatment of Spice and Wolf at Comic Market 83, and this year's Code Geass parody from Comic1☆7, I was greatly looking forward to see what Ajisai Denden had in store for fans at Comiket 84.  Naturally, my luck being what it is, the circle's next release is a retrospective, as the circle will be releasing their first series-specific soushuuhen, in scores, collecting at least the circle's four previous Darker Than Black full-length features, all featuring blind, emotionless Finnish doll Yin.  The circle reports a 140-page length, including 26 pages in color.  

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Comic Market 84: Tony Taka / T2 Art Works / Recollect2

Another A4-sized retrospective from the King of Doujin Kings at C84

The Tony Taka character creation business is big business--one need only consider the unrelenting deluge of somewhat similarly faced PVC damsels cascading from the studios of Kotobukiya, Alphamax, Max Factory, Native, Arcadia, Good Smile Company, Clayz, and on and on and on.  Quite truly, someone new to the doujin scene could be excused from not knowing that Tony honed his craft just like countless artists will next month, by producing and publishing parody ero doujinshi--it's been two years since Tony last parodied a franchise he was not directly involved with, a Working!! parody from Comic Market 80 in August 2011.

At Comic Market 83 in December 2012, T2 Art Works released its first A4-sized publication, Recollect, which included 64 pages of some of Tony's finest original erotic character creations as well as erotic parody portraits, reproduced and retouched for the larger format.  So too shall it be at next weekend's Comic Market 84, as revealed today on Tony's website.  Recollect2 will be another 64-page A4-sized retrospective of some of Tony's finest works, both of his own characters as well as parodies.  This book's cover girl clearly attends the same school as Recollect's cover girl, and Alphamax revealed at Wonder Festival its intentions on producing that previous girl in 3D form...could we have a double display to look forward to in the future?

T2 Art Works' slate of goods for sale at the convention is as impressive as ever, with a dakimakura of an original creation as well as other various goods and sundries.  More details to come!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Comic Market 84: Ties / Takei Ooki

No scales, no scars, just super-sexy Sengoku from Ties at C84

After a brief dalliance with Love Live! and To Love-Ru at Comic1☆7, it looks like it's back to the Monogatarisphere for fans of Takei Ooki's Ties, with a slate of goods featuring his favorite, Nadeko Sengoku, at the fore.  The snake graces the cover of the circle's latest ero doujin, her seventh appearance on a Ties cover, and she also appears on a lovely Twister-themed dakimakura that comes with an exclusive omake booklet.  Not to be totally forgotten, the Araragi girls grace the cover of the circle's omake book, Extra! vol. 9