Saturday, April 27, 2013

Comic1☆7 part 2: Digital Lover / Yuka Nakajima / D.L. Action 76

Shocking return of Shocker Shocks!

Click here for information on D.L. Action 75

Once again Yuka Nakajima's formidable work ethic has been unleashed to the benefit of us all, with an second finished product at a doujin event.  In addition to the previously announced Kuroneko-centric D.L. Action 75, Digital Lover will have a second book at Comic1☆7, and it's a callback to former glory and a series that has met the circle's gaze more so than any other save OreImo—Mikoto Misaka of A Certain Scientific Railgun graces the cover of D.L. Action 76.  Digital Lover has previously set eight doujin in the Index/Railgun world, and BiriBiri has graced the cover of five previous books, but one has to go back to Comic Market 79 in December 2010 for the circle's last meaningful Railgun production.  In addition to the new full-length book, Index/Railgun's Misaki Shokuhou graces the cover of Rough Sketch 75. 

Updated 9:38 am 4/29 with image of cover, courtesy of Toranoana

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