Sunday, April 28, 2013

Comic1☆7 part 2: Clesta / Cle Masahiro / CL-orz 28

No oasis on the Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere

You can't deny love, and it can certainly be said that Cle Masahiro of Clesta loves him some Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere.  In addition to the previously announced tapestry, after a two-book betrayal, Clesta has returned to the halls of Musashi Ariadust Academy with Kimi Aoi regaining the cover of CL-orz 28, released today at Comic1☆7.  This now makes eight of the circle's past 11 ero doujin releases parodying Horizon.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Comic1☆7: Karory / Karomix

A victory lap for a circle that's come a long way in a short time

After more than two months of radio silence, signs of life have finally emerged from Karory in time for this weekend's Comic1☆7.  While the circle has some new artwork to show off, especially in tapestry form, it looks like the circle will be looking back into its catalog with the circle's first soushuuhen.  With Sena Kashiwazaki and Yozora Mikazuki Corrected 9:30 am 4/19 Kuroneko gracing the cover, it'd be fair to expect the Haganai parodies Karomix EX 4, 5, and 6 to appear, but those three books make up only about half of the advertised 149-page length.  The quality of Karory's artwork has improved by flying leaps and bounds in the past few years, and the circle deserves to take a moment to celebrate its progress with this release. 

Updated 9:30 am 4/29:  Karory's soushuuhen is now available for order from Toranoana, and the preview pages confirm that it's Kuroneko on the cover, rather than a long-haired Yozora Mikazuki as previously thought.  This also makes me believe that Karory's two previous OreImo books, Karorful Mix EX 2 and 3, are part of the soushuuhen.  The inclusion of those two would still come up short of the advertised 149-page length.

Comic1☆7 part 2: Alpha to Yukaina Nakamatachi / 有葉と愉快な仲間たち

Stark truth and another family-oriented release from Alpha

Alpha to Yukaina Nakamatachi has already shown off their newest dakimakura, of iM@S Cinderella Girl Kanako Mimura, and they've now publicized their printed offerings for this weekend's Comic1☆7.  It looks to be an original ero doujin in the same vein as their recent "Twin Sister of Cousin" series; I cannot read Japanese, but the English text under the Japanese title reads "Nasty Aunt Aya Natsuki," so read into it what you will.  By the always reliable Google Translate, Alpha writes, "I drew it because I wanted to write a big tits."  In addition to the ero doujin, there's another sweets-themed omake book, Pudding Position, following on the heels of the previously released Chocolate and Cream Puff Position books earlier this year.  Also, two file folders and a bag to carry it all in.  Regrettably, that bag is necessary, because the goods will be sold only as an all-or-nothing set, just like the circle has done in recent previous shows.  Hopefully Alpha will reach a distribution deal with Toranoana and/or Melonbooks soon...

Comic1☆7: Mugenkidou A / 無限軌道 A / Tomose Shunsaku

Neighbors, imoutos, cousins, monsters, and space rangers all under Shunsaku's roof this weekend

Tomose Shunsaku's Mugenkidou A has decided to tap into the reserves for this weekend's Comic1☆7, with the circle's second soushuuhen, their previous one coming at Comic1☆4 in April 2010.  The release collects Shunsaku's two Haganai books from 2011, December 2010's OreImo parody, 2011's Infinite Stratos parody, and more, but curiously does not collect either of the circle's 2012 SAO parody doujin.

Comic1☆7 part 2: Digital Lover / Yuka Nakajima / D.L. Action 76

Shocking return of Shocker Shocks!

Click here for information on D.L. Action 75

Once again Yuka Nakajima's formidable work ethic has been unleashed to the benefit of us all, with an second finished product at a doujin event.  In addition to the previously announced Kuroneko-centric D.L. Action 75, Digital Lover will have a second book at Comic1☆7, and it's a callback to former glory and a series that has met the circle's gaze more so than any other save OreImo—Mikoto Misaka of A Certain Scientific Railgun graces the cover of D.L. Action 76.  Digital Lover has previously set eight doujin in the Index/Railgun world, and BiriBiri has graced the cover of five previous books, but one has to go back to Comic Market 79 in December 2010 for the circle's last meaningful Railgun production.  In addition to the new full-length book, Index/Railgun's Misaki Shokuhou graces the cover of Rough Sketch 75. 

Updated 9:38 am 4/29 with image of cover, courtesy of Toranoana

Comic1☆7: TIES / Takei Ooki

Yami, Niko.  Yaminiko.  Yakiniku?  OM NOM NOM

TIES artist Takei Ooki gave a preview image of To Love-Ru's Golden Darkness all the way back in early February, and it seems that he's used every minute available since that reveal in the lead-up to this weekend's Comic1☆7.  The circle revealed a whopping 44-page release, still showcasing Yami on the cover, but one wouldn't be surprised to see some other representatives of Rito's harem in the mix.  In addition, Ooki seems to share the same idol affliction that his colleagues Oyari Ashito and Yusa Saikawa came down with this Spring, with a 16-page release featuring twin-tailed taruento Niko Yazawa of Love Live! School Idol Project for our perusal. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

When Tony Taka Wins, We All Win

Several updates from Tony Taka today, the first time we've heard from the artist since his mid-February announcement of his non-ero art and creation wing, Albion Works.   First, the artist will be the centerpiece of a traveling art exhibition by Art Jeuness featuring original works and concepts from the Shining series of video games, starting today.  With the announcement, a gorgeous new Swan Lake-inspired piece welcomes visitors to his site:

Thankfully, Tony has not abandoned his ero roots, and he revealed a new edition of his Fault!! tennis eroge franchise.  Fault!! Service Ace compiles Fault!! A and S, and a special edition will include a dakimakura featuring Ai Saeki and Mio Sugiyama on one side, and Reiko Date Wingfield and Maya Kamiwazumi on the other.

Also, here in the Third Dimension, an outstanding reveal from Kotobukiya courtesy of Plastikitty shows the planning stages of a figure of Tony Taka's cover girl from last year's mook Girls! Girls! Girls! vol. 9.

I'm a Cowboy, on a Body Pillow I Ride...

Chance for otaku to bunk down next to Ashito's gunslinger girl

To commemorate the release of moe strategy eroge Eiyuu*Senki on PS3, PS Vita, and for mobile devices, Oyari Ashito collected votes from fans on which of the game's historical-figures-cum-rail-thin-debutantes would receive dakimakura treatment.  It seems the votes are in, and it's Billy the Kid getting the grand reveal!

Ashito's website indicates that the voting was extremely close, enough to possibly warrant a second dakimakura of the runner-up...

Comic1☆7: Ajisai Denden / アジサイデンデン

After they finally finished up the achingly sweet Spice and Wolf parody Harvest at Comic Market 83 last December, I'd been anxiously awaiting more news from Ajisai Denden in anticipation of their next parody work.  The answer came in the middle of March, when the circle released a very simple black-and-white sketch of C.C. from Code Geass on to their site with a note saying there'd be more to see at Comic1☆7.  Finally, we have the cover and some preview pages, and it does seem that the circle is taking a slightly different approach to ero doujin this go-'round.  It seems to be an extremely text-heavy work, with the ero illustrations serving more as a background, rather than a typical comic layout.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Comic1☆7: Clesta / Cle Masahiro

No hope on the horizon...

No doujin news from Clesta yet, and it's been quite a long time since the circle has published a new book compared to their previous production rate.  The circle does show a flicker of life, however, at this weekend's Comic1☆7.  It is a tapestry of, naturally, Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, the circle's latest and greatest obsession.  We can still hope that a full-length book from a different series is still in the cooker, somewhere...

Comitia104: Abgrund / Yusa Saikawa

No rest for the weary former Otokonoko Ace

While plenty of ero doujin artists have announced new books for next weekend's Comic1☆7, not many have shown any new goods for Comitia104 the following weekend.  Not so for Yusa Saikawa of that delightfully depraved Abgrund!  The preview pages, however, suggest a rather different approach for Saikawa--while I wait for further details to emerge, it looks like this might be a koma book, rather than anything ero...not sure if the circle has ever done a koma series before this, and details wait to be seen...

Comic1☆7: Afterschool of the 5th Year / 5年目の放課後 / Kantoku

Wool skirts relegated to secondary status by the Tartan Tsar

Kantoku's offering for this weekend's Comic1☆7 looks to be a simple one, with the 33rd edition of their Tachiyomi collection of genga, along with a rather gorgeous-looking file folder, perhaps inspired by Bioshock Infinite to stick a cute girl on a zeppelin.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Comic1☆7: Shadow Sorceress Communication Protocol / 影法師通訊協定 / Hiten

It looks like Shadow Sorceress Communication Protocol artist Hiten has decided to tap into the potential of tired and ronery otaku with this newly revealed dakimakura of Yomi from the Senran Kagura fighting game series, looking in both A- and B-Sides like she has not had a very good time of things whatsoever.  The pillow cover will be available at this weekend's Comic1☆7, along with a good-sized tapestry of Haganai's Kobato Hasegawa in catsuit mode.

Comic1☆7: Alpha to Yukaina Nakamatachi / 有葉と愉快な仲間たち

Fire up the Motley Crue for a sticky-sweet new iM@S Cinderella Girl!

Hot on the heels of Airi Totoki's dakimakura debut back in mid-March, Alpha to Yukaina Nakamatachi has announced a new iDOLM@ASTER Cinderella Girl dakimakura treatment, this time of the sugary sweet Kanako Mimura.  Like Totokin, each side of the new dakimakura features the slightly puni Kanako emerging out of outfits she appears in on her normal and S Rare+ cards.  For all the iM@S love Alpha has shown of late, perhaps it's not unrealistic to hope for a new parody doujinshi featuring the girls of 765 Productions at Comic Market 84 this August...?

 Thank you to for the card images!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Comic1☆7: Digital Lover / Yuka Nakajima / D.L. Action 75

Fluttering pink petals on display.  Oh, and hanami too.

Click here for information on D.L. Action 76

The workhorse of the ero doujin thoroughbred stable, Digital Lover, never fails to impress with their impressive production rate of top-flight quality goods, and next weekend's Comic1☆7 will not disappoint.  On the heels of Rough Sketch 74 which debuted at last week's Sankuri 59, and the previously announced dakimakura of OreImo's Kuroneko sporting her winter seifuku and cat tail that made Comiket 83's D.L. Action 73 such a delightful read, we will have yet another full-length ero doujin, D.L. Action 75, dedicated to that tsundere muse, Ruri Gokou.  Decked out in a pink ensemble more befitting her more benevolent alias, Kamineko, looking more than a little tentative amidst the hanafubuki, there's no telling how long she will hold dominion over Nakajima's talents but I am in no particular rush to have the circle move on.

In addition to the new ero doujin, Digital Lover will offer an A6-sized book cover featuring the circle's previous obsession, Misaka Mikoto of A Certain Scientific Railgun, sharing cover space with Misaki Shokuhou.

Comic1☆7: Popochichi / ぽぽちち / Yahiro Pochi

Tamako Black Market Goods

Being a fan of ero doujinshi exposes one to plenty of sights that one does not anticipate, and ones that cannot be unseen.  This is an accepted matter of consequence and is best embraced as just part of the fun of the medium, that the distance between imagination and reality is as short as the distance from the top of an artist's head to the tip of their pen.  Such it is with Yahiro Pochi's offering for next weekend's Comic1☆7, as a super-cute lolified Tamako Kitashirakawa and Choi Mochimazzi from Tamako Market grace the cover.  This, in itself, is not disturbing, nor is it rare.

The preview pages, featuring a human Dera Mochimazzi, however...

Friday, April 19, 2013

Comic1☆7 Update: Yasuda / Yasudanchi

The Yandere Scourge of Chiba Strikes Again!

Recently revealed on charming chibi-fier Yasuda's website, the circle will once again be tapping into the charms of OreImo's yandere darling Ayase Aragaki for their newest release, to debut at next weekend's Comic1☆7.  This outing is the circle's first since Comiket 83 and second consecutive book featuring Ayase.  Lucky early buyers will receive a set of five bookmarks showing what might be the results of Kirino's attempt to get her friend into cosplay, much to our delight.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Comic1☆7: Abgrund / Yusa Saikawa

What perversion might be next from the Carnal Queen?

Former Otokonoko Ace Yusa Saikawa found a good deal of retail success with her latest straight offerings, a four-book original sis-con series that ended at Comitia103 in January.  We've been given the cover of Abgrund's next offering, to be released at Comic1☆7 later this month, and, while the translations are forthcoming, it would be fair to assume our covergirl hasn't just lost her dog...The book is already up for pre-order on your favorite smut peddler's site, and the preview pages look, well, moist.

Updated 6/20/13 10:27 am:

I failed to recognize that this book is not an original, but rather a parody of GJ-bu, the cover girl club member Megumi Amatsuka. 

Updated 10:44 am 4/23 Updated on Abgrund's listings for this weekend's Comic1☆7, it looks like the girls from Love Live! School Idol Project have captured Saikawa's fancy--oddly enough, the exact same girls that grace the cover of Oyari Ashito's new ero offering--with the cover given to Nozomi Toujou, and a very active Niko Yazawa found inside. 

Sunshine Creation 59: Raijinkai / 雷神会 / Harukigenia

One of the great guilty pleasures of being a doujinshi fan is seeing one esteemed doujin artist's clean character creation get reinterpreted by other doujin artists, often in more "Day Three" manners, and such will certainly be the case with the lead female of The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat, Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi.  Originally illustrated by Tartan Titan Kantoku, of Afterschool of the 5th Year fame, in the series' light novels, Tsukiko carries tons of moe appeal that will surely make her the darling of the Spring cour.  Raijinkai will get in on the action with this book, making its debut at this weekend's Sunshine Creation 59.

Comic1☆7: Mugen@WORKS / むげん@WORKS / Akiduki Akina

Hentai Prince and the Slightly Tardy Cat

Akiduki Akina's Mugen@WORKS has had this take on Henneko's leading lady Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi on their website since late February with designs on letting her loose this weekend at Sankuri 59, but an update late yesterday revealed that the new book had to be delayed until Comic1☆7 later this month.  No view yet of the new book's cover, but if the circle's previous offerings are any indication, a much more intimate look at Tsukiko is soon forthcoming.

Updated 9:36 pm 4/27:  The news is not good from Fort Akina, it seems, as Mugen@WORKS does not have it's new Henneko book ready for this weekend's convention.  The circle will be offering a preview of what is now, presumably, the circle's Comiket 84 book (unless something happens between now and next weekend's Comitia104), at this weekend's Comic1☆7.

Update 2 11:09 am 5/3:  Mugen@WORKS is finally ready to release their treatment of Tsukino Tsutsukakushi into the wild--the circle does not plan on attending this weekend's Comitia104, so the only way to get the book presently is through Melonbooks.  Judging by the preview pages, the wait will be worth it, and I hope the fandom doesn't overlook Akina's work because of the delay.

Sunshine Creation 59: Alpha to Yukaina Nakamatachi / 有葉と愉快な仲間たち

A minor update from Alpha to Yukaina Nakamatachi at Sunshine Creation 59 this weekend, with the release of a new genga book, Cream Puff Position, ostensibly a companion to Sunshine Creation 58's Chocolate Position.  Alpha typically uses these books to showcase their 4-koma chops using the circle's mascot character, with a sprinkling of character designs that make it into the circle's annual calendar, so not much to be deduced about their next major release.

Comic1☆7: Shoujo Kishidan / 少女騎士団 / Oyari Ashito

Otonokizaka Academy's idols on 765's radar?

Erotic stick figure artist Oyari Ashito has displayed a pair of dakimakuras to be sold at late April's Comic1☆7 on Shoujo Kishidan's website.  After focusing much time and attention on the 765 Productions stablemates of iDOLM@STER, it seems that Ashito has decided to expand his worship of the 2D idol set, as Maki Nishikino and Niko Yazawa of Love Live! School Idol Project will receive the dakimakura treatment.  No word yet on a new doujinshi from the circle, but if these are any indication, perhaps their next offering will feature a lot less yellow P on the male's face. 

Updated 9:47 am 4/23 In addition to the dakimakuras of Maki Nishikino and Niko Yazawa, Shoujo Kishidan will also have an ero doujinshi for sale at Comic1☆7, and it does indeed feature the girls of Love Live! School Idol Project.  Yazawa is joined by fellow idol Toujou Nozomi on the cover, looking rather voluptuous and somewhat adult compared to the usual treatment Ashito gives his girls.

This is most likely not the final cover illustration, given that Niko's hair ribbons are not colorized.

Update 2 10:46 am 4/24 Ashito has posted a pair of preview images on Shoujo Kishidan's website, all featuring more of the Love Live! girls in costume.