Sunday, April 21, 2013

Comic1☆7: Digital Lover / Yuka Nakajima / D.L. Action 75

Fluttering pink petals on display.  Oh, and hanami too.

Click here for information on D.L. Action 76

The workhorse of the ero doujin thoroughbred stable, Digital Lover, never fails to impress with their impressive production rate of top-flight quality goods, and next weekend's Comic1☆7 will not disappoint.  On the heels of Rough Sketch 74 which debuted at last week's Sankuri 59, and the previously announced dakimakura of OreImo's Kuroneko sporting her winter seifuku and cat tail that made Comiket 83's D.L. Action 73 such a delightful read, we will have yet another full-length ero doujin, D.L. Action 75, dedicated to that tsundere muse, Ruri Gokou.  Decked out in a pink ensemble more befitting her more benevolent alias, Kamineko, looking more than a little tentative amidst the hanafubuki, there's no telling how long she will hold dominion over Nakajima's talents but I am in no particular rush to have the circle move on.

In addition to the new ero doujin, Digital Lover will offer an A6-sized book cover featuring the circle's previous obsession, Misaka Mikoto of A Certain Scientific Railgun, sharing cover space with Misaki Shokuhou.

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