Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sunshine Creation 57: Digital Lover / Yuka Nakajima / D.L. Action 71

Yuka Nakajima is in the business of Asuna, and business is good.

A significant update from Yuka Nakajima's Digital Lover today in anticipation of this weekend's Sunshine Creation 57, via the circle's blog, and Sword Art Online fans seem to have won the day.

Back in early September, Digital Lover released the following image of a happy, bridal-veiled Asuna onto Pixiv, with a note indicating it could be a preview of the cover of the forthcoming D.L. Action 71:

From Yuka Nakajima's Pixiv site, see link above.
If the just-released cover image is to be believed, it looks as though things have progressed a bit on the bridal bed:

Asuna Doin' Work.  Image courtesy of
We can clearly see Asuna's facial expression has become a bit more business-like and her top opened, and the picture as a whole has a lot more pink to it.  I personally prefer the artwork of the original post rather than the book's cover, but I certainly can't wait to see the contents, of which there is no small amount--according to Akibadaisuki, this doujin is a monstrous 36 pages!

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