Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sunshine Creation 61: Digital Lover / Yuka Nakajima / D.L. Action 81

All hands on deck!  Kan Colle darlings in parade formation

It might be said that the anthropomorphized naval fleet of Kantai Collection is the hottest property for doujin-ka to parody since Touhou, and considering the game's relative newness and novelty and the seemingly endless cast of comely characters, there will likely be no end to the trend in the near future.  Digital Lover's Yuka Nakajima is on board, apparently, with the circle's Sunshine Creation 61 release, D.L. Action 81, featuring the warships Shimakaze, Mutsu, and Atago on the cover. 

This book marks the circle's first gamesoft parody since the Ragnarok Online parody D.L. Action 41 dating all the way back to Comiket 73 in December 2007.  Perhaps more interesting at this moment, prior to any preview pages being released anyway--will there be an appearance of a generic male protagonist, or, be still my heart, will this book be a strictly yuri release

In addition to the ero doujin, the circle will have for sale a clear folder featuring Shimakaze transitioning from clothed to battle-tattered, as well as a set of drinking glasses featuring a quartet of the Kan Colle girls. 

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  1. Nope - it's about raping the shota admiral by those gals from Kantai Collection