Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sunshine Creation 64: Clesta / Cle Masahiro

Aμ'sing to no end

In the past several weeks, Clesta's Cle Masahiro has taunted his fans with sharply finished images of girls from Love Live! School Idol Project via his Twitter feed.  Having never touched the series before, it was not too difficult to imagine the girls of Otonokizaka Academy in the middle of a CL-orz erotic parody.  Finally, Masahiro confirmed the cover-image-in-process, likely to be done for Sankuri 64 later this month. 

Updated 7:24 am 6/21:  No significant changes on the finalized cover of CL-orz 37, revealed by Clesta earlier this week in preparation for Sankuri 64.

Additionally, attendees will have access to the circle's latest omake book, featuring Love Live! rival raconteur Tsubasa Kira on the cover.

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