Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunshine Creation 64: TIES / Takei Ooki

Lovely & Lively

Back at April 2013's COMIC1☆7, Takei Ooki's TIES snuck in a completely unheralded Love Live! parody doujin featuring Nico Yazawa that did not see any kind of retail distribution--the book became somewhat of a white whale for Ooki's fans to find on the secondhand market.  Perhaps heeding his fans' call, and most definitely cashing in on the popularity of the series' second season, TIES offered a new book, LOVE NICO! one two, at Sankuri 64 today, capturing the sprightly sensation's first encounter with groupmate Maki Nishikino with a new chapter, making for a whopping 42-page B5-sized release.

Fans seeking to commemorate the coupling can buy a pillow cover, featuring a member of the pair on each side (naturally, not wanting to choose a favorite and hurting feelings, I would encourage buying two).

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