Friday, December 28, 2012

Comic Market 83: Mugenkidou A / 無限軌道 A / Tomose Shunsaku

SAO manages to hold Shunsaku's wandering eye at C83

Mugenkidou A managed to stay atop the Toranoana Top Ten for several weeks following August 2012's Comic Market 82 with their Asuna Yuuki-centered Sword Art Online parody Asuna to Online.  For C83, circle helmsman Tomose Shunsaku stays with the series, but swaps out his leading lady for cousin-as-imouto Suguha Kirigaya and her avatar, Lyfa, from the ALfheim Online storyline.  The circle's previous book kept the story inside the virtual world of Sword Art Online, so it remains to be seen if it'll be Lyfa or Suguha who ends up doing the heavy lifting...

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