Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Comic Market 83: T2 Art Works / Tony Taka

A4-sized Tony Taka?  A4-sized Tony Taka!

The king of doujinshi kings has revealed on his website that, for the first time, he will be presenting an A4-sized ero book to his reading constituency at this weekend's Comic Market 83.  Long the domain of gonzo specialist Ishikei, the A4 paper size is more akin to a standard-sized periodical in the West, rather than the Golden Age comic book-sized B5 that dominates the doujin landscape.  According to Tony's update, it looks like the book will have remastered versions of previously published works as well as new content. 

I personally love every last inch of the new cover girl, from the headpiece to the expression to the color combination of her seifuku to the splendid stretch of her adductor connecting her leg to her groin.  I have no idea if she's a completely original creation for the book or part of a larger work, but I intend to find out all that I can.  On the goods side of thing, we get a dakimakura with a girl in a pilot uniform (apparently a first officer, judging by her epaulets) on one side, and a girl in shibari and bloomers on the other, along with a calendar and other goodies to fawn over. 

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