Sunday, January 20, 2013

Access Granted: Alpha (Finally) Reaches Consignment Deal

Doujin hipsters:  "I knew them before they went corporate."

As I've mentioned before on this blog, I broke my cardinal rule of collecting for Alpha to Yukaina Nakamatachi's Sora Takanashi-centric Papakiki! ero parody doujin Mama ni Nariatino released at COMIC 1☆6 in April 2012, and after acquiring that book desired to reach into the circle's previous works, and was surprised to learn that all their recent works have been original works, rather than parodies.  So too has been the circle's work since.

Not only was Mama ni Nariatino the circle's last parody doujin, but it was also the last of their books to be made available for purchase at retail outlets like Toranoana.  For reasons unknown to this writer, Alpha's next four books were made available only at doujinshi conventions, and sold only as part of a larger set of goods, making them a rare and expensive bird to find on the secondary markets.  Thankfully, according to Alpha's blog, this is no longer an issue--the circle announced a consignment arrangement with both Toranoana and Melonbooks to sell copies of the circle's last four books directly to the retail marketplace:

Along with the announcement, we finally get an enlarged and uncensored view of the circle's C83 offering, a direct follow-up to their C82 release, and it looks to be no slouch:

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