Thursday, January 10, 2013

Comic Treasure 21 Reveals, or Life After Comiket

Clesta, Digital Lover not content to rest on their laurels

Beyond the biannual Comic Markets at Tokyo Big Sight, many doujinshi events occur across Japan throughout the year, not just to service those not able to attend those most venerated events, but also to debut new works.  The first non-Comiket doujin event of the season, Comic Treasure 21, takes place this weekend at INTEX Osaka, and at least a couple of top-flight circles will have new pieces for sale alongside their Comiket 83 releases.

Clesta will rest the CL-orz title with this Morgiana-centered Magi parody book:

Allowing himself to be out done this one time, the Doujinshi James Brown, Digital Lover has a new Rough Sketch omake book featuring a tipsy, kimono-clad Asuna Yuuki gracing the cover:

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