Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunshine Creation 58: Ties / Takei Ooki

Golden Darkness Extinguishes Ooki's Fire Sisters Fixation?

After releasing nothing but Bakemonogatari parody books with Karen and Tsukihi Araragi at center stage in 2012, it looks like TIES is preparing a new girl to take the spotlight.  Konjiki no Yami / Golden Darkness from the irrepressibly saucy-but-heretofore-uncensored To Love-Ru is on the cover of what Ooki describes as a preview of coming attractions in preparation for late April's Comic 1★7, as well as a microfiber cloth featuring the bibliophile in her natural state.  This won't be the first time Ooki's Fire Sister Fixation has been breached, with two Kobato Hasegawa-centric Haganai books and a Madoka Magica book in the middle of the circle's seven Bakemonogatari parody releases--will the circle finally move on to new ground?

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