Friday, August 10, 2012

Comic Market 82: T2 Art Works / Tony Taka

For the first time in eight months, Tony Taka has updated his website with information about his recent projects, including his releases for Comic Market 82 which started today, Friday the 10th of August.  It seems that the June release of Fault!! S - A New Rival In Love inspired him to take us all to tennis camp to get reacquainted with Reiko, Mayo, and the gang. 

First off, durable goods including a microfiber towel, clear folder, phonecard, and bath poster:

And of course, his book:

I'm a little disappointed to find that Tony went with a non-parody doujin for the second Comiket in a row, after Winter 2011's original work Puella.  There have been so many quality series he could have explored from the past two or three cours that I would have loved to have seen (had he taken on Yuka Nakajima's Papakiki characters, my head would have exploded), but I'm not at all dissuaded from picking this up.

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