Saturday, August 18, 2012

Comic Market 82: Karomix / Karory

Add  Karory to the astoundingly large legion of doujin artists to have found themselves ensnared in the world of Sword Art Online:

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After Karomix's last couple of releases being heavy on loli characters (from Haganai and Papakiki), it's nice to see the circle feature a more full-figured leading lady once more.  There's no doubting Karory draws a luscious female form, but it must be said that sometimes Karoful Mix books seem incomplete; the faces and expressions are generally very good, but it seems like Karory seeks a signature look for the characters' physiology that detracts somewhat from the finished product.  It seems like much of the skeletal and muscular structure, especially between the navel and the knees, is an afterthought.  I won't buy this release new, but will be on the lookout for it at secondhand sites for sure.

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