Saturday, August 11, 2012

Comic Market 82: Shoujo Kishidan / 少女騎士団 / Oyari Ashito

Not sure why I failed to look earlier; waifish shoujo-ifier Oyari Ashito's circle Shoujo Kishidan's Comic Market 82 release will be a third volume of his In The Harem series featuring the aspiring iDOLM@ASTER girls--previous volumes have featured full-page spreads of select girls in a variety of acts and positions, and we'll expect nothing different from this release.

All product images are from

 In addition, Ashito has produced a clear file set with original images of eleven of the iDOLs:

Also, as seen on Akiba Blog, it looks like some of the Ashito's character creations from the moeified world conquest game Eiyuu*Senki have graced game company Tenco's bag in celebration of the game's recently announced port to PS3 and Vita.

All hail Akiba Blog for the image

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