Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Comic Market 83: Popochichi / ぽぽちち / Yahiro Pochi

In the weeks following Sunshine Creation 57, doujinshi circle Popochichi found themselves on Toranoana's Top Ten sales lists for multiple weeks with their Chūnibyō Demo Koi ga Shitai! parody book, Chūnibyō Demo H ga Shitai!, a pleasing if somewhat typical vanilla Yūta x Rikka first-timers' coupling:
Thanks to toranoana.jp for the image
As found on Toranoana's Comic Market 83 preview listings, it looks like circle artist Yahiro Pochi will be adding a dash of Shinka Nibutani will be added to the mix for the circle's Day Three book:   

Thanks again to toranoana.jp for the image
I rather enjoy the puni-puni quality that Pochi lends to his girls, and there's been considerable progress in the quality of the artwork after some troubles with inaccurate poses and perspectives in earlier books.  The doujin is available for pre-order now.

Update 12/28/12 10:06 a.m.:

In addition to the circle's ero book, lead artist Yahiro Pochi announced a collaboration with dakimakura maker Bungabunga to produce a special pillow cover for sale at Comiket 83, using a very adventurous and very trusting original character design, it seems:

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