Sunday, November 25, 2012

Comic Market 83: Shoujo Kishidan / 少女騎士団 / Oyari Ashito

King of the waifs sticking with favorite steeds in the 765 Production stable.

Erotic stick-figure artist extraordinaire Oyari Ashito has offered an ero-doujinshi featuring at least one of the comely lasses of THE iDOLM@STER at eight of the last ten Comic Markets, including three 30+ paged books exclusively featuring Yukiho Hagiwara and Iori Minase, followed by his In the Harem trifecta that allowed each of the 14 girls their own cosplay-bedecked vignette.  Ashito is nothing if not loyal, it seems, because it looks like his circle, Shoujo Kishidan, will eschew the bevy of other candidates that have come and gone in the cours since their last non-iDOL lead (August 2011's Luricomplex featuring OreImo's Kuroneko) and stick with Miss Hagiwara at center stage for her fourth feature book:

Who knows if this is the final concept for the new book's cover, but if it is, it's far and away the most explicit cover the circle has produced and certainly an attention-grabber. 

Lest there be any argument between his favorite leading ladies, however, Ashito also has posted new artwork of Iori Minase on his website:

Between my inability to read Japanese and the janky nature of Google Translations, I can't reliably determine if the image will be turned into a blanket or a towel or if it's just for fun, but at the least he knows to placate his divas with bold opportunities to bask in the spotlight.

Update 1:  5:20 p.m. 12/13/12

We've been given more product preview information from erotic stick figure artist Oyari Ashito for the upcoming Winter Comiket.  Shoujo Kishidan previously displayed their intentions to feature iDOLM@STER darling Yukiho Hagiwara in their latest book, and do...something or other with their other iM@S fave Iori Minase.  While the book cover is still under wraps, we now know that Ashito has decided to go the dakimakura route with Miss Minase:

The art looks lovely enough--not sure I've seen a more attractive set of knees in my day, that's for sure--but I have to say the pose on the right side is very nearly dreadful.  There is no earthly way that the upper half of Minase's torso could twist this way while maintaining a completely straight lower half--Ashito is usually much better than this with his proportions and anatomy.  Speaking of anatomy, Minase's vulva being completely on display from the rear view with the complete absence of buttocks seems like a further betrayal of human proportions.  Quite simply, I should not mistake a female character's labia majora for testicles.  Fortunately, the face on the right side is beyond fetching:

In addition to the book and dakimakura, the circle announced they'll be doing a new set of the clear files of the iM@S girls sold at Comic Market 82, redeploying images from the In The Harem doujinshi series from Comikets 81 and 82:


Update 2: 9:56 a.m. 12/19/12

My favorite baseball player of my lifetime is Tim Wakefield, who enjoyed a 19-year MLB career as a knuckleball pitcher.  He was always ready to take his turn on the mound, could be called upon at any time to do his job from the rotation or the bullpen when needed, and while never truly dominant, was able to enjoy reasonable success with his fluttering specialty.  Part of the delight of watching Wakefield pitch, especially during his earlier years, was the rare occasion where he would Carbonite a batter in place by dropping to a 3/4-arm slot and throwing a laser-straight 74-mile-an-hour fastball for a strike, to mix things up when he felt the opposition was getting perhaps too comfortable with his usual fare.  He might only do so once or twice a game, or might not do so for a few starts at a time, and the pitch was telegraphed by the deviation from his usual pitching motion, but despite all of this it was an exceptionally rare occasion where the fastball didn't find the catcher's mitt (please note, this is all from my memory, baseball encyclopedists need not take the time of correcting me).

Chief Executive of Waif Development Oyari Ashito buckled the knees of his fanbase on his website earlier today by displaying a surprise second doujinshi to be debuted at Comic Market 83; in addition to finalized artwork of his previously announced Yukiho Hagiwara-focused Love Complex and an Iori Minase dakimakura, Ashito revealed we'll also be getting an Accel World parody doujinshi featuring...

Yuniko Kozuki?  

Bravo to Ashito for not only dropping this surprise on us, but also for not taking the obvious Kuroyukihime route from Accel World, which would likely have been very similar to his previous non-iM@S books featuring OreImo's Kuroneko.

In addition to the two books, the dakimakura, and a redux of the clear file set of iM@S girls from C82, Ashito also will be offering a bookmark to be paired with each of his books, featuring his leading ladies:

Update 3: 10:02 am 12/20/12

Ashito's website shows a revised version of Sister*Sisters; same artwork, new background:

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