Friday, November 16, 2012

Tony Taka is 120 Percent Man

Full-color A4 K-ON! meister circle takes on Shining Blade's Sakuya

She can bat me around any day.  Thanks to Toranoana for the image.

I have no idea how long it's been known for, or if it's been previously discussed elsewhere, but there is good news to be found on Toranoana for 綿120パーセント / Men 120 Percent and Shining series fans alike.  The ecchi doujinshi circle helmed by Menyoujan, who achieved notoriety for their previous works featuring the girls of K-ON!, will be releasing this doujinshi featuring Shining Blade's Sakuya.  Toranoana lists the issue date as 11/25, with sales starting on 12/10, and it looks like pre-orders are underway.  No word if the circle will be featuring the same book at Comic Market 83, as they continue to defy conventional wisdom by not having a proprietary web presence.  Contact your proxy buyer today!

Karory x Yuka Nakajima = win, thanks to Toranoana for the image.
Personally, I love to see ecchi doujinshi artists take on the works of other high-profile artists, especially when the original work being parodied is a non-ecchi one, such as Karory's take on the girls that Digital Lover artist Yuka Nakajima penned for the light novel and anime series Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai! in the ecchi doujin Karorful Mix EX7.


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