Saturday, April 27, 2013

Comic1☆7: TIES / Takei Ooki

Yami, Niko.  Yaminiko.  Yakiniku?  OM NOM NOM

TIES artist Takei Ooki gave a preview image of To Love-Ru's Golden Darkness all the way back in early February, and it seems that he's used every minute available since that reveal in the lead-up to this weekend's Comic1☆7.  The circle revealed a whopping 44-page release, still showcasing Yami on the cover, but one wouldn't be surprised to see some other representatives of Rito's harem in the mix.  In addition, Ooki seems to share the same idol affliction that his colleagues Oyari Ashito and Yusa Saikawa came down with this Spring, with a 16-page release featuring twin-tailed taruento Niko Yazawa of Love Live! School Idol Project for our perusal. 

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