Saturday, April 27, 2013

Comic1☆7: Karory / Karomix

A victory lap for a circle that's come a long way in a short time

After more than two months of radio silence, signs of life have finally emerged from Karory in time for this weekend's Comic1☆7.  While the circle has some new artwork to show off, especially in tapestry form, it looks like the circle will be looking back into its catalog with the circle's first soushuuhen.  With Sena Kashiwazaki and Yozora Mikazuki Corrected 9:30 am 4/19 Kuroneko gracing the cover, it'd be fair to expect the Haganai parodies Karomix EX 4, 5, and 6 to appear, but those three books make up only about half of the advertised 149-page length.  The quality of Karory's artwork has improved by flying leaps and bounds in the past few years, and the circle deserves to take a moment to celebrate its progress with this release. 

Updated 9:30 am 4/29:  Karory's soushuuhen is now available for order from Toranoana, and the preview pages confirm that it's Kuroneko on the cover, rather than a long-haired Yozora Mikazuki as previously thought.  This also makes me believe that Karory's two previous OreImo books, Karorful Mix EX 2 and 3, are part of the soushuuhen.  The inclusion of those two would still come up short of the advertised 149-page length.

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