Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunshine Creation 59: Digital Lover / Yuka Nakajima

Kuroneko reclaims center stage in circle's April offerings

The expectations of fans of doujinshi circle Digital Lover should be sky-high at present, with the recent ending of Haganai NEXT and the current seasons of OreImo and A Certain Scientific Railgun S underway.  21 of the prolific circle's last 30 parody doujinshi have featured heroines from these three series, dating back over more than four years of work, so it's certainly reasonable to expect more work from those series in the near future, and we've learned just recently that OreImo tsundere majeur Ruri Gokou will have the first crack at heading the playbill with new items at this month's doujinshi events.  First, at April 14th's Sunshine Creation 59, Kuroneko graces the cover of Rough Sketch 74, Digital Lover's long-running series of genga books, which occasionally serve as a preview of coming attractions.  The circle also looks to offer what looks to be a microfiber sports towel featuring an adorable illustration of Kuroneko and her alter ego, Kamineko.

Of perhaps greater interest to the circle's and the character's fans, Digital Lover will offer a dakimakura of Kuroneko at late April's Comic1☆7.  She'll be sporting her winter school uniform and, of more prurient interest, the same cat tail that she flaunted in Comiket 83's D.L. Action 73.  Fans of Digital Lover's work will no doubt be devastated that Nakajima has decided to have both sides of the dakimakura be a face-up view of the character, knowing what they know about that extra appendage from 73

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