Thursday, July 4, 2013

Comic Market 84: Mugen@WORKS / むげん@WORKS / Akiduki Akina

Nothing left to chance for Akina's clan at the Summer Comiket

More than a month ahead of the prescribed date, Mugen@WORKS has debuted the finished version of the cover of their The Devil is a Part-Timer! / Hataraku Maou-sama! parody doujinshi to be sold at Comic Market 84.  As was previewed at last month's Sankuri 60, MgRonald's favorite daughter Chiho Sasaki claims the top billing on this production, striking a pose awfully similar to the one the circle granted SAO's similarly endowed Suguha Kirigaya at Comiket 83 in December 2012. 

I'm finding an interesting trend with Akina's works that I'm somewhat discouraged by--unlike most doujinshi artists spending 80 percent of their talents on their covers and 20 percent on their books' content, Akina seems to flip that.  Comparing the completely moé depiction in the preview pages to the bizarrely proportioned face on the book's cover, is it possible that Akina's covers are actually hurting, rather than helping, his circle's sales...?

Updated 7/10/13 10:16 am:   Has Akiduki Akina learned his lesson, or is he a glutton for punishment?  Today the circle released a rough sketch as a preview to what might be a second book to be released at the now-just-one-month-away Comic Market 84.  Google Translate suggests that this young lady is an anthropomorphized depiction of the Japanese World War II battleship Kongo--perhaps Akina's angling for a Strike Witches/Upotte!!/Girls und Panzer sort of war-machine-as-girl approach?

Updated 7/20/13 8:25 pm:   With a tip o' the cap to Toshi Nakamura's work on Kotaku, I've gotten myself some knowledge regarding Kantai Collection, or Kan Colle, and more importantly on the game's girls-as-anthropomorphized-warships making it so very popular at the moment.  Mugen@WORKS' second book looks like it'll make it out of drydock in time for Comiket 84, if Toranoana's preview pages are to be believed...

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