Monday, July 8, 2013

Comic Market 84: Shoujo Kishidan / 少女騎士団 / Oyari Ashito

A Love Live! sister act takes center stage at Comiket 84

Erotic waif generator Oyari Ashito has revealed his circle's intentions for mid-August's Comic Market 84, and, with a new parody book, a soushuuhen, and a dakimakura to offer, his fixation on doe-eyed damsels doing their damnedest on stage continues.  Love Live! School Idol Project sisters Eri and Arisa Ayase will receive the dakimakura treatment, each sister appearing on either side of the cover together:

After receiving a gorgeous dakimakura treatment back at COMIC1☆7, Maki Nishikino graces the cover of Mid Summer Night Dream, along with cover debutantes Rin Hoshizora and Hanayo Koizumi, all looking more than a little bit distressed at the situation they've found themselves in.  One wonders if this books might contain more of a storyline and more sexual content than the gravure-style Love Live! book that was released at COMIC1☆7.

Shoujo Kishidan has also revealed details of their iDOLM@STER soushuuhen to be sold at C84--it looks like it will collect the three In The Harem books from Comic Markets 81 and 82, and Comic Market 83's Love Complex, featuring Yukiho Hagiwara front-and-center.  Ashito also revealed that the soushuuhen will be B5-sized, down from the A4 size that the original releases were printed at.  It's yet to be known if there will be any new artwork contained inside beyond the cover.

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