Friday, July 5, 2013

Comic Market 84: Abgrund / Yusa Saikawa

Triple Feature from the former Otokonoko Ace at C84

The First Lady of Odaiba, Yusa Saikawa of Abgrund, has definitely found her stride after the unfortunate unpleasantness that prompted her to cease creating otokonoko content, and lately has shown a definite proclivity to feature large-chested girls in the lead role of her books.  After her family-oriented original book series ended with a voluptuous mature version of her heroine, Abgrund's next two books were both parodies of established series featuring chesty characters at the point.  It looks like Abgrund has a new original story to tell, starting at Comiket 84, with another curvaceous maiden gracing the cover, and the subtitle certainly suggests that Abgrund hasn't lost its bite when it comes to taboo topics.

Updated 11:49 a.m. 7/15/13:  After a reveal on Toranoana today, Abgrund's Yusa Saikawa confirmed on the Tweet Machine that she'll have a double feature for us at Comiket 84 next month, with not one but two volumes of her new original story for sale.  While this one lacks the pulpy subtitle of the first volume, the recurrence of enormous measurements and individually wrapped latex balloons certainly seems in lockstep with the first.

Update 2 7/26/13 9:27 am:  An update from Yusa Saikawa's tweet machine today suggests that the artist has not only caught the Kan Colle bug, but will try to show her appreciation by pushing a third doujinshi for Comic Market 84, featuring the heavy cruiser Atago.  With only two weeks until the convention, let's hope that Saikawa doesn't overwork herself too badly to get the book to the streets on time.

Update 3 7/27/13 11:14 am:  Coming in hot off of Yusa Saikawa's Pixiv account nine minutes ago, it looks like the cover of her Kan Colle fan book is ready for display.

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