Thursday, July 4, 2013

Comic Market 84: Shadow Sorceress Communication Protocol / 影法師通訊協定 / Hiten

The hunter becomes the hunted at Comiket 84

The Monster Hunter franchise will see its fourth iteration released into the wilds in September--in apparent anticipation of that release, Shadow Sorceress Communication Protocol will entice Comiket 84's attendees with this tapestry of a rather fetching archer sporting the Escadora armor set.

To commemorate the occasion, circle artist Hiten was kind enough to share this progression on Pixiv:

Updated 7/10/13 10:10 am:  Hiten revealed that the circle's ero doujin for Comiket 84 will also be of the Monster Hunter proclivity.  While the cover features ambidextrous ashikoki action, the book's preview images seem to take a more vanilla approach.

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