Friday, August 15, 2014

Comic Market 86: Tony Taka / T2 ART WORKS

Cocktail hour 

After gifting fans with a rare and glorious parody doujinshi (of Kantai Collection, to the surprise of no one) at Comic Market 85, it looks like it's back to form for Tony Taka at C86, with the reveal of T2 ART WORKS' goods collection.  As has been the case with the overwhelming majority of Tony's recent doujin efforts, the preview pages of this work seem to indicate a collection of remastered older works and new art pieces, with no cohesive theme or storyline to consider.

A dakimakura of an original character creation invites us to consider the physiology of the catgirl.

Tony's latest entry in the Shining series of RPGs, Shining Resonance, heavily involves music and instruments into the battlefield, and it seems that the artist has carried that inspiration onto a cello-toting nymphet as a poster and a clear layered file.  SEE YOU IN FIGURE FORM SOON, MY DEAR.

And finally a fan and shitajiki for fans to fan themselves with.

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