Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Moeyo's Best of Hip 2013

It's hip to be square round, thick, and luscious

Moeyo, unquestionably the world's foremost resource on PVC-rendered butts, has released their Best of Hip 2013 lineup, and the cast and the castings are quite varied, from shonen series to hentai starlets, with trading figures, resin kits, and garage kits all finding room among the standard issue retail offerings.  

1)  Nami from One Piece H.O.O.K. -Film Z- Version by Sentinel.

2)  Konome Kiritani from Pisuhame! 1/6 scale by Daiki Kougyo.

3)  Ayase Aragaki Thanatos Version from OreImo 1/8 scale by Kotobukiya.

4)  Secret Elephant X-Rated! 1/7 scale by Native.

5)  Bertille Althusse from Walkure Romanze 1/7 scale resin kit by Volks.

6)  Komaki Manaka Bunny Version from To Heart2 1/5 scale by Orca Toys.

7)  Super Sonico Sonicomi Package Version 1/5 scale by Orchid Seed.

8)  Mammon 1/8 scale by Orchid Seed.

9)  Peace Keeper Daisy 1/6 scale by Kotobukiya

10)  Liliana-san from Waga Ie no Liliana-san 1/5 scale garage kit by Mouse Unit.

Considering the amount of manipulation and destruction that went into discovering the assets Nami holds, I am personally inclined to call shenanigans on these results, but cannot one at the same time say the best things in life are earned, not given?  

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