Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Moeyo's Best of Bust 2013

Orchid Seed's efforts produce lush blossoms

Moeyo's Best of Bust 2013 has posted, with the efforts of two companies (and the designs of one particular ultimate god of erotic character creation) combining to take eight of the outstanding otaku's web resource's ten favorite sets of PVC breasts from the past year.  Without further ado, the list:

1)  Alleyne from Queen's Blade 1/6 scale by Orchid Seed.

2)  Maid Bride Yuki 1/7 scale by Orchid Seed.

3)  Princess Milk 1/7 scale by Orchid Seed.

 4)  Tamaki Kousaka Bunny Version from To Heart2 1/5 scale by Orca Toys.

5)  Princess of Mischief Yae Shoubi 1/6 scale by Alphamax/SkyTube.

6)  Iris Hartley from Lorelei; Sea of Stars 1/6 scale by Alphamax/SkyTube.

7)  Rikka Himegami 1/6 scale by Alphamax/SkyTube.

8)  Yumi Sayaka type Artemis A from Shin Mazinger ZERO 1/6 scale by Amiami Zero.

9)  Ignis of the Endless Winter from Jingai Makyo 1/7 scale by Orchid Seed.

10)  Chiharu Nishikawa 1/7 scale by Orchid Seed.

Generally speaking I have no troubles with this list whatsoever, worthy candidates all, but as a card-carrying member of the DFC Fan Club, I feel most definitely underserved.  Surely there were some premium-quality PVC pettanko A-cups to be found on the stock shelves of the retailers of Akiba, no?

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