Friday, January 24, 2014

2nd Native/Ashito Collabo Princess Stella Makes Her Debut

Pre-orders open for striped stunner

Pre-orders have opened for the highly anticipated second collaborative effort between Native, at one time considered the preeminent erotic figure maker, and fan-favorite sexy twig designer Oyari Ashito.  Following up 2012's Princess Mordina (a Because Japan favorite!), Princess Stella looks to be a charming companion piece to her sister.  While the two share their striking blue eyes and white gloves, Stella's edgier, almost militaristic costume and playfully aggressive brandishing of her flail stands (kneels?) in sharp contrast to Mordina's ethereal dress, heavy restraints, and submissive positioning.  Pre-orders close on March 10, with a May 2014 release expected.

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