Sunday, January 5, 2014

Toranoana Akiba's Top Ten Ero Manga Bestsellers of 2013

Year of the Snake Hisasi at Toranoana Akiba

Early January is Banzuke Season, and AkibaBlog has obliged us by publishing Tornanoana's flagship Akihabara location's list of 2013's top-selling erotic manga tankoubons.  Hisasi dominates the list with three separate volumes, including one book that was originally released in late 2012, and another that was released only back on December 26.  The big list, as follows:

1)  小悪魔カノジョ / Little Devil Girlfriend, by Hisasi.

2)  TiTiKEi, by Ishikei.

3)  死なずの姫君 / Undying Princess, by Mochi.

4) 好きだらけ  / Full of Love, by NaPaTa.

5)  常春荘へようこそ / Welcome to the Everlasting Spring Ryokan, by Kisaragi Gunma.

6)  レンアイサンプル / Ren'ai Sample, by Homunculus.

7)  少女のトゲ / Thorn Girl, by Hisasi.

8)  黒白Lovers / Black-and-White Lovers, by Yoshiaki Katsurai.

9)  純嬢恋歌 / Pure Girl Love Song, by Shinsuke Inue.

10)  ポルノスイッチ / Porno Switch, by Hisasi.

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