Thursday, January 2, 2014

Moeyo's Best of V-Zone 2013

Gushing, flowing praise

The best PVC breasts and butts of the year are one thing--one can almost explain away a curvaceous and scantily clad maiden to a potential mate and live to tell the tale.  The ten figures that make up Moeyo's Best of V-Zone 2013, however, take a certain kind of dedication to the pursuit of otakudom and complete abandonment of any non-ecchi pretenses.  Like War Emblem or Charismatic winning two of the three Triple Crown races, we find one figure appearing on two of Moeyo's Best Of lists, and two different presentations of the same character appearing on different lists.  Maidens birthed by the hand of one particular unrivaled god of the business take up seven of the total 30 spots on all three lists combined.  The v-zone banzuke:

1)      Special Military Policewoman Kozue Sakakibara from Tony Taka, 1/6 scale by DRAGON Toy

2)      Princess Milk, 1/7 scale by Orchid Seed.

3)      Celia Cumani Aintree from Walkure Romanze, 1/6 scale by Daiki Kougyo.

4)      Love Bitch Kaori Lingerie Version, 1/7 scale by Q-Six.

5)      Ai Saeki from Fault!!, 1/6 scale by Alphamax/SkyTube

6)      Rika Shiraki from Bible Black, 1/6 scale by DRAGON Toy.

7)      Cat Lap Milk, 1/7 scale by Native.

8)      Perrine H. Clostermann from Strike Witches, 1/8 scale by Alter

9)      Maya Kamiwazumi from Fault!!, 1/7 scale by Alphamax/SkyTube

  10)  Konome Kiritani from Pisuhame!, 1/6 scale by Okayama Figure Engineering

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